Feeling vs. Knowing

We often get the ‘feeling’ of something, it goes normally accompanied by the ‘knowing’. There’s no knowing without feeling. Feeling is first. In order to know (I am talking about inner knowing, not knowledge, please note), we must feel first. The soul comes before the mind. We can push down the feeling with the mind, but the feeling is always there, no matter what. Feeling is the secret. It’s a simple, yet powerful concept.

Consciousness, awareness of the self or self-awareness is the creative principle of everything that exists (“God”), and the only objective reality. The rest is perception, projection, illusion, including what we call the material world. This reminds me of the book that opened up a can of worms for me over a decade ago: “Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion”, by David Icke (many truths in this man’s mouth). The conscious (which is male because it’s immediate and direct) impregnates the subconscious (female, hidden and indirect), while the subconscious expresses all that it’s impregnated upon it. Our subconscious is the key to creating our world, it transcends reason and it is independent of thought, it contemplates feeling as a fact in itself and it gives expression to it. It is analog with saying that behind a great man there is always an even greater woman 🙂 .

It works like this: A feeling creates an idea in the subconscious, and once felt (be it good, bad or indifferent), it must be expressed consciously. So when we don’t acknowledge our feelings we impregnate our subconscious with undesirable states that bottle up and create disharmony. Recognize your feelings, and express them. Do not suppress your feelings in order to please others, as small as they may be. Get them out and say/express things as they are. Do not dwell in lack, do not get off your wagon to get to the level of those beneath you. Why not? because you will be in loss (you’ll get hurt) if you do. I talk from experience.

Seeking things on the outside for that which we don’t feel we are, just because it’s cool, popular, to please someone, or because we are hiding from ourselves, is to seek in vain, for we never find that which we want, we only find that which we are. That’s why we must be mindful of appearances and the senses, we must overcome and master our senses and dedicate time to sleep and pray/meditate/allow our mind to wander. When we close our eyes we just are, our ego and our consciousness go to rest, because we aren’t deceived by perception. It is during sleep that our subconscious gives instructions to the conscious, and both states become one.

So, as an example, all the things I wrote above this paragraph, I know them. But it is through the experience of feeling that I really integrate that knowing in my being. Talking about the conscious and the subconscious only makes sense when we associate those abstract concepts with experiences, memories or feelings that we know, otherwise it’s impossible to picture them. Often healing techniques for the soul and spirit use a lot of abstract concepts that we can not perceive directly through the senses, we only get them through our conscious mind (we ‘imagine’ them, but we don’t know them), and it takes the embodied experience of feeling (translated into emotion) to really purge or release them, hence knowing.

Intuition (inner knowing) doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, it tells you what you need to hear, and it is always right.

When one spends a lot of time alone there are pros and cons. Although the pros are definitely great things – and much needed – the cons are quite ugly. The lower levels of our subconscious can trick us into believing we are powerless, worthless, so consciously we end up following the majority, in order to escape from our loneliness… and in knowing that this is not the path, we read a lot and turn to people who are more spiritually elevated than us to inspire and guide us, from whom we learn a lot of techniques and knowledge, consciously. We also turn to friends and trusty people who listen and give us their advice as best as they know, while the wound is still lying, dormant and powerful, subconsciously.

I called my mum. I voiced to her the frustrations that I should have voiced to others a long time ago, the thoughts (knowings) that I said to myself but I didn’t say to others (in words and emotions). She always knows, I don’t need to say much. With endless compassion she scolded me with tough love and truth. It wasn’t what she said that mattered much. It was the emotion behind the tone of her voice, which I cannot describe with words, that did it. I cried and sobbed like a little kid, for nearly an hour. And for many more hours after she hang up. I landed on the ground. Ahhh… finally, relief! It was pure love that reached my subconscious, and healed me. So all that I had read and knew, was, at last, felt.

And that is the difference.

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