Ten of Swords

I know, my child,

life is unfair.

Your heart was abandoned… your soul, your whole being.

You only wanted to love, like most.

They rejected it… You.

So undeserved.

A broken heart never really heals… wounds pile up.

I know.

I know about the endless nights unable to quiet the mind,

about the unendurable pain on my entrails,

my throat swallowing the thorns,

the zombie passing of the days,

and the loss of consciousness.

Your back is carrying a whole arsenal of daggers.

They have made a plaster to mend your broken spirit,

a false shield of feeble strength.

It’s not safe enough for you to breathe.

So you seek solace.

Unlike the kiss of the cobra, both elixir and death,

this poison you hold on to kills softly like the song,

a fleeting pleasure to numb your pain

on every sip you take.

You sin and sin, unknowingly,

yet knowing

the outcome.

Those burdens must soon lighten up.

The only thing that will save you

is a heart that’s pure.

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