Practice & Environment

*Preparation of the space is the preparation of the mind, whether you are rehearsing with your band, practising your voice or doing your fitness routine.*


The space where you carry out your exercises has a massive impact on the quality of your results. I remember when I started living on my own, in an attic room with a slanted roof. When doing my workouts I strategically lifted my arms or jumped in the gap where the ceiling window was placed (open), or I directed my voice towards the wall with no neighbouring rooms while playing the keyboard on my lap, seated on my bed, with my head three centimetres away from the ceiling. The truth is, when one wants to do something, there are no excuses, one just finds a way. So, even in these restricted conditions, where my wardrobe consisted of plastic bags stacked between my bed and the wall, and in the company of a massive rat who lived in the pipes above and reminded me of its existence with unapologetic, roaring noises, I was able to accommodate my practice. Only because I wanted to do it so badly.

Your practice space shouldn’t be too big, but it should be sufficient for you to:

  • Move freely.
  • Breathe a good amount of clean air.
  • Have needed props nearby but not on your way (such as: a bench, a mat, a chair, a keyboard, an audio player, incense, candles, light exercise equipment, etc.).

Apply this to your daily life and activities too. For example: I never eat or do office work in my bedroom. My bedroom is my haven. Equally, I do not eat in the bathroom. And I would not think of bringing my laptop to the place where I prepare my food in the kitchen. Because, you see, everything has its own energetic field. Everything has its purpose. So if you live in a place where you can’t really separate things, try to work your way to find that space, and make that a priority for your life. Living in the city can be quite difficult, so sharing rooms/flats is often a compromising option, but make that temporary. Do not forget about YOURSELF. Even if you struggle now, strive to improve and get a better way of life, get your own space.


When I was living in that room, a bit of incense, scented candles and essential oils brightened up the situation, along with cleanliness and white/pink/purple colours around the room (I am quite girlie, even if you see me at the gym lifting heavy things and wearing no make-up). When things turned gloomy, at least looking at pink butterflies for a while made the world a better place. Little things that help😊.

my room
A little glimpse of my room 🙂

And your clothing! Wear appropriate clothing whenever you are going to do your practice. For example, wear your sports clothes when going to the gym, it will not only help you perform better exercises, it will also prepare your MIND to get ready for the type of activity you are going to do. Dress nicely when you are performing. You are projecting dreams, feelings, fantasies, and you are taking the listener away from reality, so dress accordingly and don’t be miserable. I have fought (and I keep fighting) all my life to encourage musicians to dress nicely and wear polished shoes and ironed shirts.


Equally important for the success of your practice (and life in general), are the people you surround yourself with and your work colleagues. It’s not going to be very helpful if, when you are trying to learn some new vocalization, your roommate is going to judge you or tell you what to do when they have no clue. Try to stay away from people who drain you. You already know who they are, but you might not have the courage to say goodbye without fearing being rude or offend the person. It’s fine. Do it, think about your well-being. I have been surrounded by people who were there only for their convenience, and the only one to blame was me for allowing that to continue. Once you detach, you will really think why you didn’t do it before. Apply some self-care, it will make a massive difference in your life! 🙂

toxic people

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