• “I have been to several body conditioning classes held by Graciela. She is a very good instructor. She has inspired me to keep working hard. Her exercises are challenging and I enjoy them very much. She is attentive, encouraging and helpful to those that need help without being over-bearing.” – Nehal

• “A few years ago, I attended group PT classes with Graciela. Her dedication, care and high standards in preparing each class and delivering the training sessions stood out to me. Training with someone who is equally knowledgeable and passionate about fitness like her, whose teaching style is gentle but assertive and well-structured, made so much difference to me and I learned a lot about my body, too. I cannot recommend Graciela’s fitness training programmes highly enough!” – Cristiane Kajimura, Natural Medicine/Homeopathy (www.homeopathyviva.com)

• “I had such good results from training with Graciela. My whole body shape changed in quite a short period of time, and I was so pleased to be back into clothes that haven’t fitted me for years, as well as feeling energised and strong. She also helped me with repairing my diastasis recti after having two big babies and guided me expertly with nutrition. What I particularly appreciated is that Graciela has the right balance between being kind and holistic, but also stern. Thank you Graciela” – Lisa Lin

• “Your classes are fantastic, they are the tonic that keeps me on top. Every muscle is worked without even realising! I can feel my butt muscles tightening with each session :)” – Helen Stewart

• “Working with Grace is great fun – something I never thought I would say about exercise! She is very enthusiastic about her work and this is communicated in her commitment, drive and support of others. Grace has been able to adapt exercises as necessary for me, in reflection of prior injury, and works alongside me, correcting any mistakes in posture/coordination etc. I have never been so fit and am very much enjoying all the positive changes this is bringing. It gives me pleasure to be able to recommend Grace and I hope we continue to work together for a long time!” – Carla Plymen

• “Graciela is professional and reliable for any fitness advice. She always ensured that my techniques were correct to avoid any injuries. Without Graciela’s 100% dedication and commitment I would not have been able to achieve this outcome. Honestly some days I just can’t believe it! Graciela always pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone-limits I thought I would never surpass… I can definitely can say that Graciela has inspired me to continue to stay fit – I haven’t felt this kind of energy and body confidence in a long time. By far this has to be my best investment of 2019 so far, I have received positive feedback from family and friends and I’m eager to share my journey with others.” – Rebecca Lopez