It’s been a while
since we don’t gather all together.
Perhaps it’ll take some more.
In the company of the air I breathe
I remember the moments
of calmness by the fire
and the sittings by the sea,
all of us merging the souls and sharing the spirits.
There was glee in the simplicity, it was soul food.
But I can’t tell
whether this is past or future,
or even present.

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I wasn’t sure whether this article’s title should start with the male word or the female word. Would it make me a feminist if I place the word ‘female’ first? Does it make me a submissive lady by writing the word ‘male’ first? Labels, labels, labels… the world isn’t world if we don’t put things in boxes. We are so quick to judge and make conclusions.

Anyway, I am just warning you beforehand that this post has nothing to do with fitness or breathing, but it’s something interesting 🙂

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In a time of adversity

I wanted to save the world.

There was a chance.

“Wake up! can you not see?”

shaking everybody’s shoulders,

to awaken them from their sleep.

Some close ones rose against me,

they did not want to get up.

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