You had all the reasons to trust me blindly,
however you chose to betray me,
hurt me,
break my spirit in irreparable ways.

I had all the reasons not to trust you,
however I chose to give you chances
and love you unconditionally.

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It’s not easy to have the willpower to follow a diet when one has an energetic footprint from other lives that conditions the current behaviours, preferences, orientations, lacks and blockages in the present body. Plus it’s not just our own individual life’s journey, but also our parental, social and environmental baggage that affects who we are and the shape of our body (including where we tend to store fat and water). So let us see how these stored pieces of energy can determine our predisposition to overeat, no matter how willing we are to change… we might always come back to the same patterns, if we don’t heal the root cause, i.e. the trauma.

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I know, my child,

life is unfair.

Your heart was abandoned… your soul, your whole being.

You only wanted to love, like most.

They rejected it… You.

So undeserved.

A broken heart never really heals… wounds pile up.

I know.

I know about the endless nights unable to quiet the mind,

about the unendurable pain on my entrails,

my throat swallowing the thorns,

the zombie passing of the days,

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