I always had it very clear: I wanted to be a singer. At school I always performed at the end of each course, either singing/dancing or/and participating in aerobics/modern dance performances. My paternal and maternal great-grandparents were all musicians. Music is embedded in my soul. I started studying music seriously at the age of 13: guitar, singing and music language and much later on I finished Classical Singing studies at the Conservatoire of Music. At university I completed a degree in Musical Education Sciences, but before that I studied Telecommunications Engineering; Physics and Philosophy were always major crushes, however my major crush was obviously Music. So I devoured every music book I found at the library and made my own notes and booklets, that I would later on use to teach my first music students from home, when I hadn’t even started my Music degree. Parallel, I would write my own songs, accompanied by my guitar.


My first attempt at entering the music industry was at the age of 19 under the management of Areamaster Records (Spain), my name became known when my song “Dejaba caer el agua” was on the radio (Cadena Dial, Spain) for nearly a year, after I won a government competition. This got me some nice exposure and gigs. I was one of the leaders of the church group and also soloist soprano at the Coro de la Universidad de Vigo (Spain), with whom I traveled extensively around several Spanish and Portuguese towns. Later on I was chosen as one of the 80 Voices of Europe, a choir of youngsters who accompanied Björk in a tour during 1999-2000. We performed in some of the main European cities, conducted by outstanding directors. This was one of the highlights of my singing career, due to the experiences I lived and how much I learned.

Latin in my veins

Very quickly, I found myself working fully as a music teacher in various schools and academies. Also collaborating with musicians in recordings, performances, appearances, etc. In the year 2002 I was full on, I was working non-stop driving from one school to another and then onto the show, with private students in between, music transcription jobs, preparing my classes and rehearsals. I just couldn’t get enough, I loved it! I was the lead singer of the Orquesta Miramar, touring many villages and towns of the North of Spain. I remember one month I didn’t have a second, literally, to breathe. I even had a car accident, running from one place to another, with barely time to sleep. I still loved it 🙂 Motivating people through music, and I knew I had that capacity. But there was something missing. I wasn’t doing MY music. I didn’t have time! So it was time to stop. And with all my savings I left everything (jobs, family and friends) behind and went to Puerto Rico, the perfect place where Spanish and English music fusion. I had to conquer the world! In Puerto Rico I sang as the backing vocalist for Yaire, I performed along world-stage musicians and I had lots of promising deals with big names in the industry that transformed into smoke in front of my eyes just at the blink of an eye. All my dreams collapsed in a second.

British Air

Where else could I go where Music was big? the UK. I didn’t know anyone here, and the idea I had of a permanent grey cloud and cold weather wasn’t what I wanted for my life. But hey, I got admitted at the Royal Academy of Music, I finished post-graduate studies in Jazz Singing and I stayed. I loved the British mentality of freedom and the fact that you can walk down the high street dressed in slippers, a night gown and hair curlers and nobody will look at you. A place for quirkiness, creativity and artistry. I became the band leader of Yes!!! Brazil Show, we toured around the world performing for elite clients. I also worked as a waitress and as a house cleaner, and I lived in very precarious conditions for longer than I’d like. I became known in the London Latin/Jazz music circuit and I collaborated with numerous musicians, bands, shows, etc. including Riamba, Mustard Latino, Cuban Combination, Osvaldo Chacón, Almaloca, Roberto Pla’s Latin Ensemble, etc. In 2007 I created Gracimusic Ltd and I started to get my own private bookings with my bands/musicians and dancers. I signed management and record deals with people that do not deserve to be mentioned because they did absolutely nothing for my career. I figured out that I was better off on my own.


I am currently performing at various venues with my bands: Graciela Rodriguez Trio, Graciela & Dominic Grant, J-Sonics and Roberto Pla Latin Ensemble. Check for upcoming gigs.


  • UK UNSIGNED Winner 2009
  • GSD LATIN AWARDS Winner 2011
  • LUKAS AWARDS Finalist 2014
  • EUROVISION 2012 Candidate for Switzerland
  • CONGA SHOW Monte-Carlo 2016
  • FLAMENCO SHOW Dhaka, Bangladesh 2005
  • Actress in STORIES, awarded at the International Tokyo Film Festival 2011 (featured actress in other films, including Hollywood and Bollywood productions)
  • Voiceover for KIRA SHAKIRA, a plush toy for toddlers made by Shakira for Fisher Price 2015