You had all the reasons to trust me blindly,
however you chose to betray me,
hurt me,
break my spirit in irreparable ways.

I had all the reasons not to trust you,
however I chose to give you chances
and love you unconditionally.

You hated yourself so much
that you sabotaged real love
and swapped it for lust, manipulation, deceit,
lies, envy, jealousy,
thinking it was real love
with a carefully pre-planned custom-made disguise.

I had so much love inside me
that I ignored your hurts
and still chose to give you the love you lacked,
because I saw you were unconscious, blind.

I didn’t know how to disguise my love
pretending it wasn’t love.
I had no intention to deceive you.
I’ve got a clean heart.
My love is real.

But you didn’t want real,
and now you live in a fantasy hell.

You’re condemned to be chained to your fear.
I’m condemned to drown in my love.

We both hurt, by choice.

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