Losing Fat, Thoughts & Healing

“I want to lose fat on my belly but not on my boobs”, “I want to get rid of my love handles”, “I want to build more muscle in my arms and back” – typical requests from PT clients. Mainstream science says that you cannot lose fat in the places you want. Aside from your nutrition, activity and gender (some would say race too but I include that in your genetic footprint), the body has a pattern, a map, determined by your genes, where you are more likely to deposit fat tissue and store water, and places where you are more predominant to ‘build’ muscle. Now, the purpose of this article is to go beyond this basic piece of 3D knowledge 🙂 We are constantly moving, changing, evolving, a fact determined by how we react to our surroundings and events through our emotions and feelings. It is possible to be born with a tendency to store fat on your thighs and override that pattern in your 50s through a change in your behaviours, thoughts, reactions and habits. If curiosity still itches having read this far, please follow me.

First of all it strikes me that as of now, 2022, there aren’t any relevant ‘scientific’ studies you can find online related to this subject (is that perhaps because science is not meant to give us the answers? – because science IS NOT and HAS NEVER BEEN the answer?). I mean, science only explains, disects and describes what happens through observation of an event, process, object or being through the 5 senses (sometimes to such boring abstract detailed levels that the initial point of observation is completely missed!). The only thing mainstream science comes close to admit is that “stress may cause excess abdominal fat” – Oh, reaaaally?! Are you f**kin’ serious?! After thousands of years you come to this lame conclusion? Get a job selling melons in a market, you’ll make more people happy.

Let’s start with the fact that stress is the causant of every disease. When you are stressed, you store more fat and water (not necessarily in your abdomen!). I relate it to my high school and university years. Endless hours memorizing concepts of different unrelated subjects that meant nothing to my adolescent life, under pressure of having good grades in order to be the best. (Jesus. All that, what for, right? I guess it must have been good for something). I thought I was so fat. Having to be seated for long periods of time didn’t help either. Fast forward 26 years and here I am, leaner as I’ve ever been. Was it my exercise and my nutrition? Part of it. It was the experiences that forced me to grow and get out of my own way (my thinking!). And you know the secret? Everything starts with your THOUGHTS and ASSUMPTIONS. Because when you realise all you have to do is to change those, you subconsciously (and consciously) make choices in your physical life that lead you to a new you.

And what is the source of stress of any origin? CELULLAR MEMORY. For a long time it was believed that memory was stored in the brain but nope, memory is stored in every cell of our body. All these memories are, of course, energy (like everything else) that we recall as images, and 90% of them are subconscious. It’s usually the traumatic memories (ALWAYS, INVARIABLY HEART/LOVE-RELATED) the ones that create our blockages. These motherf**kers become our belief systems and also our protective systems – our programming.

I made this graph showing the main body areas where we store fat or water, corresponding to where our “emotions” get stored. This is based on a combination of several authors that I’ve picked up throughout the years.


  1. Recurring Thoughts: “I am so fat. Nobody wants me. I look like a hippo. My waist is massive and no matter what I do, it never gets smaller. So I eat more to numb the pain. Or I starve myself for a day and then I feel weak and I faint and I eat double. This is never ending. All my friends are so slim. I’m going to hide. I am not going to the party.”
  2. New Thoughts, which spring from the desire of WANTING TO CHANGE: “I am so slim, everyone adores my body. I have the tiniest waist ever and everyone desires me. Everybody wants to be around me. My waist is the perfect size. I get compliments all the time on how slim I am. I feel worthy and enough.”
  3. Everytime your old thoughts come to you, REPLACE THEM with the new ones. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe them. Just THINK them, or SAY them out loud.
  4. FEEL yourself in the end result of who you want to be. LIVE IN THE END.
  5. This constant repetition will change your subconscious overtime, and with it, your activities, life choices, eating habits and the way you see the world, and gradually your body will also change. Your constant assumptions of how you look and who you are will leave the outside world no chance but conforming to your desires. Because that’s how reality works.

“Your beliefs and thoughts are wired into your biology. They become your cells, tissues, and organs. There’s no supplement, no diet, no medicine, and no exercise regimen that can compare with the power of your thoughts and beliefs. That’s the very first place you need to look when anything goes wrong with your body”.

Christiane Northrup

With regards to more healing/stress/fat and water deposits in specific parts of the body, I have quoted Barbara Brennan before and I will quote her again. Our body structure is ultimately determined by our psychological make-up, our patterns and reactions to those patterns. And I’ll also drop here a link to The Five Major Character Structures, which I highly recommend you to read before you continue. This thing is HUGE. Because once we recognize, admit, accept our traumas and responses to them, it is when we can truly begin to CHANGE. Here I describe the major body areas where we, if you allow me, sabotage ourselves. You can find this knowledge in the works by Barbara Brennan, but more and more other researchers also say the exact same thing.

Then, it’s not just the identification of the energy blocks and their origins that determine our body shape, but also our DEFENSE MECHANISMS and REACTIONS to them. Once we address those, it is when we can start to change our thoughts, our MEMORIES of the initial events that created the trauma, and as a result change our body shape. We can heal ourselves by just being PERSISTENT with our thoughts and assumptions. We can ask a healer too, to help direct the energy in a different direction, but MAINLY you’ve got the power inside you. The patient heals not just with the right medicine or the right remedy or the right doctor, but with the UNSHAKEABLE CONVICTION that they they are going to heal. So yeah. It’s not just the right diet. Or the right training programme.

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