Food is a Drug

All food is drugs. Anything that you can possibly put into your body is a drug. When you eat, you aren’t really nourishing yourself in the way you think, you are actually feeding the bacteria in your gut. The more toxic your gut is, the more you ‘crave’ food, usually the most toxic foods, it’s not ‘you’ who is hungry, it’s your bacteria wanting to be fed. As you start eating healthier, or fasting, you accustom the bad bacteria to no food, and to eventually die, leaving you clean and without cravings or the unnecessary need to eat.

I know what you’re thinking: “so how are we meant to stay alive, by feeding off thin air?” – well… yes! 🙂 We are SO conditioned since birth. We eat to die, basically. Daily eating is a normalized addiction: eating 3 meals a day, or 6 small meals a day, or any number of meals, is really a disorder. If you drink alcohol everyday, you have a drinking problem. If you eat everyday, you have an eating problem. Simple. Ask the breathatarians.

We eat for the same reasons we do drugs, we experience withdrawals from getting off food just like getting off drugs, and our body releases endorphins to protect itself from the injuries (stretching of the organs and invasion of harmful, foreign, acidic chemicals) caused by both food and drugs. There is a reason why the FDA in the United States is the ‘Food and Drug Administration’; they handle both because they’re one and the same (and also the cosmetic industry, drugs inserted through the skin).

Stimulation is not energy. Energy is for alignment, stimulation is for destruction.

What the body really needs to survive is Oxygen. We get it from the air we breathe and also through grounding ourselves in nature (walking barefoot) and being exposed to sun light. Bonus points if you live near the ocean. Breathing is the ultimate nourishing source. (If we go deeper, we don’t even need to breathe! but let’s keep it at this level for now).

We can enjoy food just like we can enjoy drugs, for entertainmnet. But let’s not lie to ourselves and say that our emotional escapism drugs are good for us or necessary for our survival. We don’t need them to exist. We are energy, so we don’t need food for energy. The Sun does not need energy because it IS energy. Food is an experience, just as drugs are an experience. They both stimulate reactions from the body. Everything you shit out is waste, so how much ‘food’ did you really need? We don’t eat for energy. We eat to suppress emotions and get high on endorphins. Same reasons we do drugs. Some foods are less harmful drugs than others, but they’re all drugs nonetheless. The lower density foods are lesser evils. The less dense our foods, the stronger our senses. That is why, when we fast, we experience withdrawal symptoms similar to those of getting off heroin, cocaine or crack. We may experience acne, sweating, fever, rashes, lethargy, and more. All forms of disease are detox symptoms, from anger to cancer. Our body is more intelligent than anything you could ever imagine, and it will go at any lengths to keep us here.

It’s like coffee. Coffee is acidic, it is essentially acid water, so it is a form of poison. We don’t feel the effects of the acidity because the body is too numb to feel it. But if you get off coffee for 2-3 weeks and then drink it again, you’ll notice how acidic it is. Try it. Also, coffe stimulates the glands to produce adrenaline, which is basically like relying on an external mechanism for something that’s normally operating in rhythm with the sun. The stimulation we get from coffee is actually just the body’s response to being poisoned, as it increases the metabolism to rush the stuff through and out of our system.

Food combinations.

A key factor when looking into food combinations is the fermentation of sugar into ethanol in the body. Most people are addicted and tolerant to alcohol before they even drink it for the first time, because when sugar transit time is flowed, alcohol is brewed. The heat of the body ferments sugars if they remain in the digestive system for too long without being assimilated. Starch alone converts to alcohol and carbonic acid when consumed in any circumstance, because the complex sugars cannot be broken down and assimilated before fermentation occurs.

Protein + Starch is the worst possible food combination. High-glue (protein) foods like cooked dead animals combined with starch (gluten, also glue) is a recipe for absolute disaster. Eating a cooked corpse or pasteurised secretions of any animal with rice, beans, potatoes, bread, french fries, etc. is a lethal combination, because it glues undigested putrefied meat to the walls of the colon, causing all sorts of maladies. Same thing happens when eating beans or grains. Grains consist of starch granules + proteins (gluten). This creates stiffness (just look at how starch sprays are also used to stiffen fabric or clothing) in the joints and muscle fibres and speeds up the process of ageing. Also, beans were created originally to add nitrogen to the soil for other plants to grow better, they were not originally cultivated as human food! Beans are vegan propaganda just like soy is. Beans are not food, they are starch, that’s why they produce gas. Farting is a symptom/alarm telling you that you ate something wrong. Beans throw off the air pressure in the bowels and require water from the body to process them. The system tells us we must eat starches… of course! to keep us enslaved and ill. We need to unlearn everything we’ve been told.

Eating wrong food combinations invites parasites into your body. All parasites within are self-created. Anything that dries out and ferments inside you, gives ground for parasites to feed onto. Excessive amounts of mucus in your colon are nests for the parasites. Somo of the most mucus forming foods on earth are starch, meat and dairy. Parasites will drive the host to eat a certain way and also overly eat so that they can survive for as long as possible, preferably until the host dies, until they eventually eat the host. When you get cravings for bread, pasta, dairy, meat, sugar or alcohol, you are being hijacked by these micro-organisms.

“The energy requirements of man are not known. Paradoxically we conclude this from the results of increasingly sophisticated studies.”

Nature journal

Athletes and Protein.

The Fitness industry is full of deception, like every other industry, to suit the requirements of the system we live in. We are told to stack on protein if we want to build muscle or simply maintain leanness, specially post-workout. What if I told you that you’ll repair and recover much more efficiently after a workout by practising diaphragmatic breathing, and that you don’t need to eat? What we ultimately need, as I said before, is Oxygen. Breath promotes blood flow, and blood flows where oxygen goes. To recover, we need to be in a parasympathetic state, and we can do that easily with a quick set of breathing exercises. Eating immediately post-workout directs all blood flow into digestion and not towards recovery. If you’re going to eat, leave at least a 2 hour gap.

Bomb drop: Protein consumption has nothing to do with muscular growth.

When there are more free-flowing electrons (electricity) in the blood, the waters of the blood form a plasma structure along the hydrophilic surface of the interior lining of the blood vessels (what is called structured water). This creates a separation of charges, with the plasma that lines the artery/vein walls being electronegative, while positive ions remain in the center of the blood vessels. These positive ions repel each other, fuelling the blood flow to nourish, repair and evolve the body. The more electricity in the blood, the stronger the separation of charges and the stronger the blood flow. Breathing is the best way to get electricity directly to the blood. Eating already made protein from animal meats, etc. limits the range of motion of the diaphragm, and without it being fully expanded and contracted, the reception of the electrical breath into the blood is compromised. Animals synthesise their own proteins, same as plants. They do not go in harmony with our own human rhythm of creating protein, these dense external proteins block the electrical flow in the bowels and in the body. Other ways of enhancing blood electricity are: exposing yourself to the sun grounding, tantric sex, touching other beings, eating fruit directly picked from the tree.

“We can therefore come to only one conclusion. Given the present state of our scientific knowledge, it may not be useful or practical to conceive of the human body as operating strictly according to the thermodynamic laws of inorganic nature… 

​Even in a controlled, artificial setting, where the oxygen taken in and carbon dioxide released can be measured, we still cannot predict, in all cases, how much heat and work the body will produce. We must therefore call into question whether it is completely accurate to think of respiration as being merely a form of combustion. 

​Two blocks of carbon which consume the same amount of oxygen will always produce the same amount of heat. With human beings, however, it is not so.”

Dr. William Riggins, “The Myth of the Calorie”

Lastly, I’d like to point out that “not eating” has nothing to do with looking skinny or like a fakir. We nourish ourselves in the most mysterious ways. Think about when you’re in love. You literally don’t need to eat because you’re so high in frequency that you don’t need food in any form! This lady is the perfect example of someone who doesn’t eat and isn’t skinny.

​Zinaida Baranova is a woman from Russia, who allegedly did not have any calorie intake for more than a decade, while being obviously overweight. She is one of many examples shown in “IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT”, which seem to be completely absurd following the classical Calorie Theory. 

The more we add to the body thinking that we need, the more lack we create and the more we deviate from perfection. The body always wants to regain balance and wholeness. All your cells are able to regenerate, this is basic biology. All we have to do is step out of the way. If you’re going to eat something (merge with it), think in terms of energy, vibration and the aliveness that is contained in your food, not calories and nutrition. You’re the one nourishing the food, it’s not the other way round 🙂

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