Light wins

There’s evil in the world.

I’m not just referring to those in the shadows,
manipulating the threads of the world.

There’s evil in the world.

Those lacking in light
preying on those with plenty of it.
Amongst people like you and me.

Just for pleasure
without reason,
unjustified, unfair, machiavellic
and meticulously engineered
to demolish all the pieces that
get in their way.

Not content with damaging
those with light,
they also devise plots
to turn their acquaintances, loved ones,
colleagues, friends and everyone
against them.

So that they make sure
that those with light
can never overshadow
their fake delusional power
with their blinding light.

But beware those of you in the dark.
For light is light,
and in its quiet splendour
absorbs obscurity.


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