The Unseen & DNA

“It’s all a holographic projection of our minds” – At the time, 14 years ago, I did not fully comprehend it but I knew it was true, I had a massive ‘aha!’ moment.

We create myths and call them mysteries when we can’t find a logical, explainable (5 senses ‘proved’) reason of its existence or behaviour. But let me tell you: there are no mysteries, as long as you don’t fear knowing. We encase ourselves in myths when we fear truth. But everything, absolutely everything, has a mental – I won’t say scientific- explanation. And I know only a bit about that.

From the first time that I read the above sentence, during the years that followed thereafter, I would have random conversations with people and passionately draw sketches on paper napkins at coffee shops of the visible light and the proportions of all the matter of the universe correlated to the “junk DNA” and the “grey matter” that scientists claim to not know what it is for. It turns out to be that the three of them (dark matter, junk DNA and grey brain matter) are around 90% unknown. Could they, by any chance, be linked? Could ‘science’, because it’s ‘unknown’, dismiss/discard their co-relation? And, most importantly, could this be the KEY to our mysteries?

Aren’t we missing something here?

In the early 80s, a group of scientists developed a device that measured the light emitted by the cells of all living beings. They demonstrated that the cells emit photons, and the source of this light was the DNA. The wavelength at which DNA emits these photons corresponds exactly to the range of visible light! (from infrared to ultraviolet). Oh! isn’t nature perfect? This light is very weak, but extremely coherent (like a laser), giving it the impression of a bright luminescence and holographic depth. Doesn’t it sound familiar… like those ‘holy’ auras around the depictions of saints and gods throughout history? hmm… those highly advanced souls must have known something that the rest of the mere humans didn’t know.

Today, as I was having some sun, the blue “trumpet” the sunlight created on my camera lens… that is nature for you, with its sacred geometry and magic light that we encounter everywhere, and also inside the human body with all its processes.

What if the spirits, the angels… have to do with those photon emissions? after all, they are defined as ‘beings of light’. And we are ALSO them. Crystals help in the amplification of light, specially quartz, which has a ‘perfect’ structure. Well… what if I told you that DNA is also a crystal? The four DNA bases are hexagonal (like quartz) and they stack up on top of each other, forming a twisted ladder. Now, here is the thing: while the part of DNA that we know of is slightly irregular, the ‘junk DNA’ which function we don’t know is perfectly regular, which means it is a perfect photon transmitter/receiver: an antenna! How UNRELIABLE science is, that it refuses to study the reception and emission of biophotons by the ‘junk’ DNA. It’s not because a lack of technology, so I wonder if ‘someone’ doesn’t want that knowledge to be known, and those investigations aren’t pushed. It really makes me angry. For, if we come to know, we realize of our power, and we become uncontrollable by the system 😦

The problem with science, you see, is that it departs from the materialist tradition established by the naturalists of the XVIIIth century, and later on, it perpetuates with the discovery of DNA in the 1950’s (only the part of DNA which is known, though – LOL! how convenient). This materialist approach presupposes that chance is the only source of novelty in nature, and that nature is devoid of any goal, intention or consciousness. But we know from experience that things don’t work like that: we do have a consciousness, don’t we?

“The objectivity of the scientific method has guided science for three centuries. It says that Nature is objective, in other words, that it’s based on the systematic denial that true knowledge can be reached by interpreting phenomena in terms of purpose or final causes. But this is impossible to demonstrate, for it is impossible to prove the nonexistence anywhere in nature of a purpose, or a pursued end”. – Jacques Monod, Nobel Prize molecular biologist.

This postulate of objectivity prevents scientists from recognizing any intentionality in Nature and if they do, they don’t call it science. The rational approach tends to minimize that which does not understand. Ego, ego and more ego. Everything must be explainable and mystery is the enemy. This means that it prefers wrong answers than admitting lack of understanding. Take for example the consideration of 97% of DNA as “junk”, this reveals not only an appalling degree of ignorance but also having no problem in belitteling the unknown. We don’t understand, so we shoot first. LOL! Very honorable. Why don’t they call it ‘mystery DNA’ or say ‘we don’t know yet what it is for’ instead of calling it ‘junk’? 😦

DNA is the Cosmic Snake, the Code, the Key to life and all that exists. Shamans and ancient civilizations have known it all along. It is Sacred and Divine, for it is embedded in all creation, and it hasn’t changed in millions of years.

Most scientists, researchers and authors display a total lack of wonder about the biomolecular world and seem to consider that life is merely “a normal physico-chemical phenomenon”. Yeah right. Just look at the length of the DNA contained in a human body: 125 BILLION MILES. If that doesn’t astonish you, I don’t know what will. Also, how our cells are factories, our proteins and enzymes like miniature robots. One single enzyme can assemble over HALF A MILLION molecules of CO PER SECOND. The enzymes that repair the DNA double helix in case of damage make only ONE MISTAKE every TEN BILLION letters. I mean… we are f***in’ Gods and Goddesses. We are the most astounding creators of the Universe, we are made of it and we ARE it. And then, according to biologists Christ Calladine and Horace Drew: “These enzymes are extremely efficient at doing their job, yet no one knows exactly how they work”. Right. Go home and get a job in a supermarket, thank you very much for your contribution to ‘science’. LOL!

So, before blindly accepting what all the scientific, medical and technological papers tell you, go back to yourself, naked, in Nature, and look at the inherent wisdom of your body, that you possess, and that everything else in the natural world possesses. For what is science if not the study of the human being, nature and the world? No scientist will ever come up with the perfection that exists within you. We already have it, we already ARE it.

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