Pulling the finger out of your actual ass

It is fuckin’ time. We live in a nursery society where we haven’t grown past age 5. We have to be extremely careful with things, just in case. We have to do as everyone else does, just in case. We have to watch our words not to offend others, just in case. We look up at people who ‘have a name’, just in case. We have to say sorry when someone else steps on our foot. FUCK THAT. Where did we leave our strength, honour, resilience and sovereignty?

In the Fitness, Education and Health fields there is a lot of “who/what is the best treatment/program/trend/medicine/supplement/protocol that’s going to save my life and make me look/be/feel like an immortal superhero/heroin”, and so we have millions of options that look appealing because they’ve been marketed till you have no choice, because you’ve heard it on the radio everywhere you go, because you see the ads everywhere you look, because it worked for your best friend, because it’s the latest trend (trends are nothing more than heavily financed marketing campaigns that have the sole interest of the ones who make them), because it healed thousands of people (false – you healed yourself while the medicine/supplement/protocol was keeping you entertained), or because it has made someone famous and rich.

I’ve been looking at all my certificates/diplomas lately a bit more than usual. When I look at most of them I just get this huge empty feeling. At least the ones acquired in adulthood, in the UK. The Primary and Secondary school ones have attached to them the emotional element of the childhood/teenage years, when in my time (Spain, in the 80s-90s) teachers were really passionate about spreading knowledge and made sure the pupil learned (I actually had some very good teachers!) So yes, those certificates ARE meaningful, because I did learn something. I learned, above all, to QUESTION THINGS and to THINK FOR MYSELF.

A certification is as good as the teacher is, and as good as the student is receptive to it.

Graciela R. P.

So it really depends on that moment in time and space where one is in sync with what is being said. That’s what makes a certificate worthy. Otherwise, those pieces of paper are just a big dick with no balls. Guys with big dicks think that because they have it big, that’s it, they don’t have to do anything else because the size speaks for itself. It’s the same with titles and degrees: it’s having it that counts, regardless of how much/little you’ve learned, how much better/worse of a person it made you, how much you grew and all the wisdom it gave you, or not. The problem is when the shit hits the fan and people start to see you for who you really are: a dick. Soon people will realise that you are good for nothing and all those qualifications mean poo. Because you can’t elevate people and put them in a better place than they were before. Because you are unable to (or don’t want to) act from your heart and you refuse to be genuinely invested and passionate about what you’re doing. You just fuck and take advantage of people. And that is what a certificate is: a false ticket to enter a game that is designed for you to lose.

Fitness trainers, doctors, teachers, healers, psychologists, educators, holistic practitioners, and anyone working with the development of a person do not have the power nor the solution to tell you what is good for you. ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU. You know it. But you prefer to pay extraordinary amounts of money to have someone telling you what will save you, when you know it won’t. Unless you’re willing to do the work. Which you won’t. And most of us know you won’t. Of course, most ‘professionals’ take advantage of the equation and perpetuate the misery, pretending to sell you something that know will not work because you don’t really want to improve, you are just expecting the ‘professional’ to do it all for you, that’s why they are paying you and that’s why you have the qualification, right? You are lucky if you encounter someone genuine who really wants to help you.

What makes me a ‘professional’? Nowadays, it is a certificate acquired by paying exorbitant amounts of money in an institution which rules are there to serve the rulers, not the people they are meant to treat. And what is in the actual contents of the studies? “science-backed” evidence of punctual experiments that are all biased (any experiment can be conducted to prove what you want to prove) and solely based on observation in time-space with the 5 senses? it’s all designed to fail from the start, because life doesn’t work like that. All that crap (science, hypothesis, logic) is man-made. YOU AND I ARE NOT MAN-MADE. On top of that, your teacher wasn’t able to satisfy your doubts, because your questions were ‘outside the norm’, and he/she did not have the answers him/herself, so they gave you a “politically correct” approved answer – if any. And now you hold a certificate that makes you a professional, as clueless as your teacher, and the institution that produced it. Congrats.

You are better off learning from someone who has a lot of experience and wisdom acquired from living life, than someone who has a lot of certificates and no experience. Choose a mentor that resonates with you at the deepest levels, the rest is all music with no instruments, smoke and mirrors… dick.

Continue to perpetuate this vicious cycle that makes people waste their time, money and life. Put your hopes into what diagnose/treatment the doctor is going to give you, what program the personal trainer is going to design, what new oil/aromatherapy you’re going to buy, what new meditation style you are going to practice, because those will save your life. Better to continue to outsource and never, ever, ever look inside you. Never be patient and never commit to do the actual fucking work.

Never pull your finger out of your actual ass, after all it’s warmer in there.

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