Jogging, Cycling… isn’t Training

Neither is Skipping, Basketball, Hiking, Pilates, Yoga, nor Walking for that matter. Or Martial Arts🤣! (ok, this one could be 23% training, I’ll give you that). No sport is training. Before you spit on my face, let me carry on: “You told me to move, Graciela, so I jog a lot, I cycle a lot, I walk a lot… but my ankles/knees/hips/back are hurting. You told me to push through the pain, so I push through the pain but the pain increases, it doesn’t go away. What am I doing wrong?” Great. You have now arrived to the doorstep of your problems 🙂

When you get to this point, I ask you to observe a newborn baby. As a baby, you had no religion, no fears, nobody told you what you should do in order to be successful in life, you weren’t competing for trophies or jealous of anyone, you weren’t specialized in anything, there were no tv programs or books or stories in your head. You were PURE from source. A baby isn’t born with an external solution to any issue. A baby has all the solutions inside. Every minute is spent developing all the reflexes, stability, all the senses so that they can eventually raise up and walk. But it takes a year or more… of CONSTANT adaptation to the environment and its stimulus before the baby can walk. Hours, and hours and hours. Who is the baby’s personal trainer? What sort of diet is the baby on? What is their waist to hip ratio? Did the baby do intermittent fasting?… Did the baby periodise? 🤣.

You’re better off hanging or swinging than jogging.

In order to be able to walk, you have had to spend time and time crawling, grappling things, twisting, rolling, pouncing over stuff and falling on your face, picking yourself up… at least when I grew up it was like this. Anyway, walking is nothing more than a coordinated movement involving several joints at different angles and different forces. And so is any other type of “sport”. The combination of those things is what someone called “walking”, or “skipping”, or “Pilates”. But these things aren’t training. We did not come out of the womb and start doing them. There were LOTS of prerequisites before we got to that point. Training consists of the movements that each joint requires to put those expressions of skill, or sports, or forms of exercise, in action.

“I should be able to walk for long periods of time”, “I should be able to roll over in bed”, “I should be able to dress myself without having to lean on the wall” – you’re damn right. So, if you can’t walk, or dress yourself, you must first master the prerequisites that will allow you to do so. And you must first of all WANT TO put in the work required to express that. And if it hurts you to walk, the body is going to lock you out until you stop pushing through without addressing the root cause. So if you’re hurting, it doesn’t mean you have to leave that for a while or ignore it. It means you’ll have to do a lot of work, from the root, to be able to perform that skill again. So you will have to go back to the very basics.

First of all, address and change your belief systems, who you hang out with, where you live, your job, your sleeping times, your outdoor/sun exposure… Rest for a while until you’re able to start doing small movements, small ranges of motion, small loads, etc. and gradually teach your body progressively and increasingly and then test the environment again. And then you will be able to train. Train for what? To be able to LIVE, and to do the things that you love (such as jogging, although that particularly is utterly stupid, if you mind me saying, you’re better off doing Kettlebell Swings) and sustain them with no injuries. Training is about pushing the tissue to the limit of its capabilities, with a greater load or stimulus than that which makes us comfortable, without getting to the injury stage.

Since birth, we’ve been through constant adaptation that our body had to express in order to become more resilient. Every time the body expresses symptoms of something (through pain) it’s an opportunity for an upgrade. We’ve been led to believe that we become ill and that we age, and that there are illnesses and diseases, when all there is is something called HEALING RESPONSES, i.e. messages from the body to say “hey! you’re not doing something right, pay attention!” – that may mean to change your relationships, to move house, to get out of the situation you are in, and NOT taking a medicine, a supplement, or having surgery or a miracle oil, or a massage. Take RESPONSIBILITY. “Oh but we are all going to die, anyway”. Yes. But I’d rather live to the fullest of my abilities and potentials and die at the top, than die miserable at the bottom.

How about you?

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