Flour is a Vegetable

You could argue I’m wrong, but then I am not. Chocolate is also a vegetable and pizza is a massive crouton in a salad with cheese and other various ingredients. An octopus is a pet (see where I’m going?).

So. Many. Vegetables. Right.

The material status of something makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Flour is the grain of a cereal that has been ground, processed. Hence losing its fibre. Also, taking wheat as an example, there’s a difference between wheat leaves and wheat grains. Grains, like eggs in the animal kingdom, contain the whole life of the plant, hence all the energy (fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals) to transform it into a mature being, whilst the leaves mainly consist of carbs and fibre. When the grain is milled, say goodbye to all the fibre, and the properties lost in the subsequent cooking methods (heat) that allow the flour to be edible (normally, you don’t eat raw flour, or by itself). In flours we’ve taken away the vegetable way far from its natural status.

And this is why a vegan diet makes you fat. Yep. Because you’ll go for “non-meat” sources that have been highly processed to replace the sensation of “satisfaction” and to feel “full” with vegetable sources that have ceased to be green a long time ago. You want the green vegetables in all your meals, because of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. And colored vegetables for the same reasons, but in small quantities, not because they are bad, but because they are high in sugars.

Oh well, that was a short article.

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