When was the day you were wounded?

Did you feel you lost a piece of your soul,

or perhaps all of it?

Where do you go when you dream…?

… Our spirit goes where it wants to go.

Tell me all of that,

but tell it to me at night,

which is when the wind howls

with a distinct sound… yours.

There is no place for lies,

because on that holy hour,

everything is revealed to me

as I stare into the flames.


I let myself be led, I do not resist.

I fall into a deep abyss,

and I ask God, who is now inside me,

to show me the way, the truth,

the strength to follow the tracks of evil,

so that I can kill it,

because I am pure, there’s no anger,

no lies, no dirt, no filth within me.

I hear myself chanting words

that I never knew of,

they come through me

with a power unknown.

I pray for this world,

where people fight with no reason,

and they stay silent

when they should fight.

And I pray for modern love,

for those two people,

both waiting

to see who speaks first.

Only those who meet hell

know themselves.

Only those have the wisdom

to show others

that their medicine is within.

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