I didn’t need an altered state of consciousness.

It was revealed in a dream.

We believe we are living this life for ourselves and our loved ones. But we are not. We are food for those feeding in the shadows. They run the system with our energy. We don’t fight back because we are not meant to. We believe that our role is to pursue the path of love, which we never fully realize, because we’ve been designed to believe it lies outside us, when in truth it’s within. It’s the carrot we run towards but never get to eat. The shadows know this is a game, we don’t. We believe this world is real, deceived by the senses, while they feed from our dreams. We don’t believe our dreams, so they own them.

Who are those in the shadows? – you’ll ask. It’s us. Souls, like you and I, who became disappointed so many times, running after something they thought was outside, that they fell deeper and deeper, over and over, and lost their empathy, taking the energy of others to survive. This transition from innocent to beast is smooth, effortless and comfortable, as it requires no responsibility and anything goes. We already practice merciless destruction with our animals and plants, so this is no different. We destroy in the name of survival and its close friend, greed.

What gives those in the shadows their power? Us again, holding onto our beliefs and emotions, creating ignorance. We pursue ‘love’, misunderstanding what love really is. The shadows know and accept that evil and good are just different ends of the same ruler, this knowledge releases their inhibitions to embrace hell and all that it offers. This broadening of their horizons opens them up to possibilities and strengths compared to us that hold onto our righteousness in a place where what we know of ‘love’ brings primarily sorrow rather than joy – and that’s because we are deluded about what love is.

In the Underworld there is no interest in becoming light, only feeding from it. There is no give and take. Only take, take, take. And when there’s no more to take, a new world is found to harvest. Here the law of karma doesn’t work. There is no balance, no polarity and no tendency to equilibrium. Once rock bottom is reached, there is no redemption… we end up in the Nothingness of the Forgotten.

I have been to this desolated place and seen those who dwell there now more than I would have liked.

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