What good it was
to give so much
for little?

Why did I have to come this far?
Foolish, oh so very foolish of me.
I threw myself into the grave,
headfirst, willingly.

I asked for it.

It’s been weeks
since a dagger stabbed my heart.
Unable to breathe or even move.
It sinks deeper when I sigh.
Revolving my entrails,
undoing my whole being.
Scattered pieces I can’t put together,
shattered like the frailest glass.

Why do I feel this much?
Big bloody heart.
It’s the Overlove.

Was it only on my mind?
No, I know it wasn’t.
He was the one who sought my lips
the first time we kissed.
He drew beautiful words
woven with a delicate thread.

Perhaps it was just another dream.

But then, what is reality, if not a dream?
And, what is truer than love?
There’s no truth without pain.

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