It’s all in the senses

Would the fire burn me if I wasn’t able to feel pain? It surely would. I would gradually disappear, my body turned into ashes without a pinch of suffering. What a strange prospect.

There are a few things that bother me since I lost my sense of smell eight months ago. The main ones: not being able to smell myself and the ones I love :/ And then not being able to smell flowers, the freshly cut grass or the ocean. And coffee, mint, cinnamon… :/ However, I must confess I find myself surprisingly and secretly happy for this occurrence. Perhaps I have subconsciously manifested it [malicious grin]. Why has this happened? There must be a reason. Maybe not. I have researched and asked a few ‘experts’ and there is little actual knowledge around curing or addressing the causes of such event, I suspect because the sense of smell is not considered as important as the sight or the hearing. It’s a really weird thing to experience, though. Now I am sort of getting used to it, but at first I was feeling half blind. And let’s not start with food. Well, actually, yes, let’s talk about food πŸ™‚

If you give me a piece of bread and a sponge, I would gladly eat both, as long as the texture and the basic taste (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami) are there, I can’t distinguish a thing. It’s funny and it’s not, because while I don’t get cravings anymore (my nervous system is adapting to understanding that it’s useless to crave something that I can’t enjoy), eating has become a sad drill. Not being able to smell has made me listen to my gut more to assess whether I am hungry, or full, or what it is that I need or want. It has changed my preference for certain foods, because now I don’t look for taste, I look for gut feeling. Not only food, somehow it has affected my sense of knowing and needing in other aspects of life too. It has turned my attention inwards, even more than before.

The best part is that I am not able to smell smelly people in the street πŸ™‚ And even better: I’m unable to smell energy drinks early morning in the hands of builders on the trains anymore – hooray! πŸ™‚ So now things like rubbish, containers, the garbage truck, drunk people and cigarettes are a thing of the past: they have ceased to exist for me. The opening sentence in my article refers to the following question: so does it mean that because I can’t smell odours, they don’t affect my system? does it mean bacteria do not enter my airways? well, surely they do. But because my brain is totally oblivious to them, in my reality they do not exist. This has made me experience that the world only exists in our heads (brain, mind, nervous system), and whatever we perceive is subject to our senses. But this doesn’t mean that things don’t exist if we can’t perceive them. I am well aware and knowledgeable about matters of the unseen, other realities and the subconscious, but this event is proving this knowledge to be real and true, experiencing it in my own flesh.

Once I ate chicken that was off. I could perceive that its texture was somehow softer than usual but because it was still within its expiry date, I ate it. One of my clients who was also going to eat it said that it had gone off because the smell was awful… Now, I didn’t feel sick or experience the lesser of food poisoning symptoms… Was it because I couldn’t smell it and therefore it didn’t send any danger signals to my brain or was it because it wasn’t really off although my client said it smelled bad? The things we do when we trust our senses, uh? Sometimes we could well go without them πŸ™‚

Now, confirming my knowings and knowledge of so many years: we are living in a dream. A dream that we ourselves create, unaware. We are bound to the illusion of matter only because of its forces. The physical laws give us the impression of matter. These are the same divine creative laws that allow us to transform force into matter and matter into force. The law of constant motion and change is at work throughout the universe at all times. At the moment our plane is going through a very materialistic period, where the higher spiritual aspect of matter is almost forgotten from human consciousness. But there will come a time where this will prevail above the material, as it was aeons ago. It will just take some time πŸ™‚

With all my respects, the majority of scientists are good for nothing. They let themselves be guided by political and organizational norms, corporate and funding restrictions that forbid them to dig out for truth, or stop them to dig further. Given the time we are living (XXIth century), certain things should be already mainstream knowledge. Sometimes I get upset, and then I remember this is how it’s meant to be right now. True knowledge is meant to be concealed from us, we are being constantly sedated so that we don’t see, but we are also responsible for this, because we get entangled in the web.

I have deviated, yet again πŸ™‚ All is related, though.

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