Movement & Inspiration

The muse comes from above, ready to flow in the means that has chosen: writing, singing, painting, acting, etc. This needs to be put into action, physically (voice, hands, body), in order for the world to perceive our art. So our body needs to move. We need our body to be strong and with energy in order to raise a strong signal. Physical motion brings us to the now. It brings whatever dream or creation we have in the mind, to earth. If we are stagnant, the flow is slow, it can even get stuck.

A rhythmic, repetitive action of the body, transfers the energy of the mind to a “in the now” creative moment, it functions as meditation, or as liberation of the imagination, where all the solutions to our worries suddenly become clear. When we move the body it’s like the whole universe is in motion and everything is possible. Inspiration (and meditation) can very well flow much easily when in motion (riding a bike, swimming, running) than in stillness. Feeling the wind, the water, the heat or the cold on your face, in silence, in nature, or just going for a fast-paced walk observing things and people around you, will provide you with the grounding and inspiration you need. And let’s not forget the power of domestic chores that are becoming obsolete as we advance into a digital society, such as: mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, making the bed, doing the laundry… great for those ‘aha!’ moments.

Exercise also reminds us how rewarding it is the present moment, the process, rather than the goal. Singing also does that, as well as playing an instrument. It is the moment that creates the song. When it’s finished it becomes a memory of the past. The reward is in the now. Life is the same, we are just too distracted to realize. So we need physical movement to remind us of the present. Exercise becomes the “doing” that moves us from mental stagnation to inspiration, from self-pity to self-admiration. It brings in us a sense of renewed strength, because we realize we can do things we thought we couldn’t. It is funny, the more we do it, the more our mind starts to adapt to new thinking patterns, a renewed sense of purpose and courage.

Exercise: the act of bringing into play or realizing in action.


So next time you go and sit at your laptop at a coffee shop to meet a colleague or to have a business meeting, why don’t you instead hold the meeting while going for a walk or peeling vegetables to store them in the freezer?

Instead of sitting at the desk to write a musical idea, why don’t you just record it on your phone while walking? Same goes for writing: talk it straight onto your voice recorder while jogging. I do this all the time and I can’t get enough. I have my phone full of ideas, that I then develop when the time is right. And trust me, there is always a time. The same happens when I write my articles here. An idea comes to mind, I catch it and record it. Then, when the time is right (which can be any time), it develops, it just flows easily, and boom, it’s published. All the best ones spring from times when I’ve been walking, exercising or jogging on my own, without exception.

Very interesting paper:

Give your ideas some legs: The positive effect of Walking on Creative Thinking

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