Love, Sex & Energy

“We just have sex but I don’t allow myself to have any feelings for him/her, just in case I get attached.” In our current society, this seems to be the daily bread. People seem to have lost touch with their inner selves, in more than one way. Let’s dedicate a few seconds of silence to this😞.

My Beloved Divine Me, forgive me for trespassing my own boundaries and falling into the abyss. What have we done… to ourselves? We lost respect for ourselves. We allowed the current to drag us down. We forgot. We forgot who we are.

We are ignorant of the power of sexual energy and love together. We play with fire and we continue to fall again and again, betraying ourselves.

Sex with no feelings is the ultimate betrayal to our soul.

Sex with no feelings also refers to those who have children inside their marriages but they don’t have sexual attraction or love feelings. It applies to all arranged loveless marriages where children are born from the sexual act with no love involved, which is a lot of the world population. We create so many loveless souls… Also including parent-less births, artificial insemination, and all the non-human trends that are on the increase. We are on the brink of the AI era (artificial intelligence), on our way to becoming androids, half human, half robots, where people will be born in engineered pods and sex will just be a utility devoid of emotion, untied to the alchemy of the transmutation of the soul, untied to creation. I am not expecting you to understand this, but in a few thousands of years sexual power will transfer to words, the voice, the throat, and creation of people will come from sound, and it will not be in the sexual organs anymore. We will literally talk people into being. But for now, we have to go through this period of precipitation. If this sounds to you like a sci-fi movie, you’re right, only that this is also real, regardless of your beliefs.

Sexual energy is our most powerful weapon. It’s our creational energy. In this era, we create life with it. We spring from sexual activity. Not only we create human bodies, we create souls, spirits. How can anything get more magical than this?🤩 No other force has the power to inject the amount of courage, fearlessness, imagination, motivation and creativity that the force of sexual energy has. Artificial insemination or similar procedures are lacking the energetic element of exchange between two souls. And what do you think can originate from something with no soul? That’s right: soul-less people. Because you see, we not only have a physical body, we also have emotional, mental, astral, etheric and cosmic bodies that, although not perceived with our five senses, constitute who we are and we would simply not exist without them.

The reason for sex is a communion to deepen the connection with the other. When we have sex, all our being is intertwined with another, it’s a complete exchange of all our energy centres and bodies. We feed off each others, we become a bit of what the other one is. And this is a sacred act of love, for when we open ourselves completely we are recognizing the other in the self, we are accepting, giving, receiving to achieve enlightenment and growth.

The power of Sexual Energy lies in its containment, not in releasing it. The more we contain it, the more powerful it becomes. When we feel the urge to release it and we engage in sexual activity, we become powerless. When we are not in touch with ourselves, we only operate with the mind, it is when we are dragged into indulging in sexual activities. We lose our magnetism, we become weak, and this is directly related to the loss of our masculine and feminine identities. We can redirection this creational energy to create other life forms. We can use our sexual energy to heal ourselves, to open our awareness to other dimensions, hence making us more creative in the arts and in life in general.

Love is the goal. Love is the human experience of heaven. Life is the journey to rediscover, to remember, this love. Coded in every cell of our body is the desire for the love within us to meet the love outside us. And sexual energy is the key to attain that love, when we channel it rightly, for it sublimates its creational power into spiritual power. The PTB know this, and they are trying to lead humanity into a loveless world, promoting division everywhere. And selling us the idea that releasing our sexual energy indiscriminately is a good thing. For each time we release it, we lose power. So they have made sure, specially since the industrial revolution and the main world wars, that the gender roles are reversed, since the emancipation of women (condemnation of our feminine traits – and then we are all frustrated and misunderstood, with our needs unmet) and the shaming of masculine traits (men becoming weak, shamed for their natural roughness and force). Women aren’t feminine and men aren’t masculine anymore. So we see men being feminized, void of courage, and playing hard to get, when that is the role of the woman. At the same time the woman has been conditioned to have the right to be as strong, aggressive and independent as man, and on the way lost her femininity. And so women and men are frustrated. We mustn’t forget that, as in nature, it’s inherent of the feminine to receive and to nurture, to serve as a vessel to receive the masculine fire, so that the man can shine in all his glory. It is the role of the masculine to honour the vessel, to protect it as his precious life force nurturer. Woman is water. Man is fire. Both powers have been distorted, and forgotten. But now we don’t know who we are. We just follow.

Observe the men of the past – not so long ago, for example, my parents’ or grandparents’ generations – they would go to war without a problem. Men seemed to have “balls”. Not now. Probably that’s because they didn’t have access to all the information, including internet pornography, promoting masturbation and the release of sexual energy anywhere and everywhere. Also, nowadays women are available with no compromise, not knowing who they are, and the ones who do have values are betraying themselves because they see they are missing out by staying within their boundaries, so they panic and do the same as the majority. Like this, men don’t have the chance to court the ladies because ladies are available and even fighting to get men’s attention, while that’s precisely what ladies want: a man who courts and fights for them. It’s a disgrace in all its might.

Now. Most of us are lost because we don’t look inside, we search for the solutions outside, we compare and compete, we are looking for our place amidst all this variety, making sure we look cool from the outside, with a distorted perception of who we really are. The more we seek outside the more confused we get… thanks to the media, the trends. And why are we following the external? Because we don’t have love inside. We are empty. We are empty because in our modern societies all our material needs are met, so there is nothing of value to share. Excess of information distracts our senses. We don’t allow the other to see who we are on the inside because we are afraid that they see that we have nothing😔. And other people have so much to give that they are dying to pour all that love onto someone, usually pouring on empty vessels who take (through sex) thinking they can fill themselves with someone else’s love without loving themselves. What a mistake. We don’t love ourselves (again, because we look to the outside), so how can we love another, how can we be intimate with another? Being intimate is not synonym with being naked and having sex. One can have sex without being intimate, and one can be intimate without having sex. Intimacy means to see, to know the other for what they are. And that, my dear reader, takes courage, and self-love, which is also love.

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