Hygiene & Intention

This is, perhaps, an uncommon association of words, but that’s why I am here, to break your patterns 😉 It is my bias to enhance the importance of the unseen (our mind), as the place where everything else originates. As such, I’d like to say that as important as the consistency in our physical training, vocal exercises and nutrition, are also our hygiene habits and intentions that go along with them. For the composition of our body is not only nurtured with the nutrients and movement we give it, but also with the elements that penetrate it from the outside: the air, soaps/gels, make-up/fragrances, interaction with other human/non-human beings, electromagnetic radiation, sounds/noises, etc, and the will we impose upon our actions. All of these things are, of course, frequencies at different rates of vibration. Having this in mind, these factors contribute in immeasurable manner to our health, and so we must be diligent in protecting ourselves from harmful agents and enhance the good ones with routines.

Needless saying, for soaps and shampoos and other cosmetic substances we should use the ones that have less invasive chemicals and that are manufactured as naturally as possible. For shampoos it makes a massive difference not to use the ones containing sulphates or silicones. A similar approach applies to any other external agents: one should be influenced or allowed to be permeable by substances that are the closest to their original natural state. But for the purposes of this article I will focus on a few specific habits that you would benefit from. They are associated with cleanliness and the power of thought.

And so, here you have 4 practices/exercises that deserve special attention, not only because they clean the body but also because they serve as a tool for focusing and strengthening your willpower. Try to apply them daily, and see how you progress until they become as easy and familiar as brushing your teeth:

  • Dry Brushing and Cold Wash. Right in the morning, after getting up, you will brush your body with a soft body brush until your skin turns faintly reddish. By doing so, your pores will open and be able to breathe more freely. Besides, the kidneys and lungs are exonerated for the most part. This is your first “mobilization exercise” of the day, as you mobilize your blood and awaken all the nervous receptors and lymphatic system. Then wash your whole body or the upper part of it, at least, with cold water and rub it with a rough towel until you feel quite warm. If you are sensitive, use lukewarm water, but remember the colder water is, the greater its accumulative capacity (magnetism to attract the things you want), 4ºC is ideal. The rubbing is also another awakening or mobilizing of the body. Cold water also tightens and protects the pores that get opened up when the skin is exposed to the sun. The vagus nerve plays an important part in this whole procedure.
  • Conscious reception of food. Sit down in front of the dish of food that you are going to eat, and with the most intense imagination possible, concentrate on your most desired thing for the day being embodied in the food. Hold your hands above your food as if transferring the energy of your desire from your hands into the food. If you feel embarrassed because you’re not alone, the power of thought will also be valid, without the hands gesture. Then eat your food slowly but consciously with the intrinsic conviction that, together with your food, your desire is passing into your whole body, down to the finest veins. You should consider the taking of food a sacred act. Do not hurry. All the food and drink impregnated with your desire have to be consumed entirely, and nothing should be left over. Do not read during a meal. Any kind of conversation is also undesirable. One should eat only with the maintenance of one’s desire, and it should be just one desire per day, to avoid any opposing energy in your body.
  • Hand Washing. Every time you are washing your hands, think intensely that by washing, not only do you wipe the dirt off your body, but also the uncleanliness from your soul. Think of failure, trouble, dissatisfaction, illness and all the negative things being washed off and turned over to the water. If possible, wash yourself under the tap so that the dirty water can run off immediately. If you have nothing but a washbowl at your disposal, do not forget to throw away the used water immediately, so nobody else can contact it afterwards. Be firmly convinced that all failures are passing into the water. This exercise is extraordinarily effective if you can manage it while bathing in a river or sea, when the whole body is submerged under moving water.
  • Pore Breathing. Sit down comfortably in a chair or lie down on a sofa or bed, and relax all your muscles. Try to think that, with each inspiration, not only your lungs are breathing, but the whole body is doing so. Be firmly convinced that, together with your lungs, each single pore of your body simultaneously receives vital power and conveys it to the body. Feel like a dry sponge which, when dipped into water, sucks it in with greed. You must have the same feeling when breathing in. When you are skilled in inhaling through the lungs and with the whole body simultaneously, think that you inhale your most desired desire for the day. The fulfillment of your desire is to be realized not only through the lungs and the bloodstream but through your whole body. Also imagine that when you breathe out you are secreting the opposite to your desire such as weakness, failure, fear, and so on.

Bind and fix your personal desire to your own small ritual, and imagine that your desire is being realized by this gesture, or that it has been realized already. It has to be performed with the feeling of assurance, self-confidence and with unshakeable faith. You will find that your life will become much more pleasant and your worries will ease out. You can apply this association of thought/desire to any activity that you do, and you will see that by focusing solely and free of distractions on ever little task that you do, life suddenly has a new colour. It becomes cleaner.

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