For heaven’s sake… Breathe!

One also has her own limits. Since I am in the world of fitness, from my very first session with my very first client up to this very morning, there is one thing that I haven’t ceased to repeat, and that thing is: “Breathe!”. Even with my long-term clients it is still a concept not embedded in their brains. No matter in which way I say it or demonstrate it, when or how many times. They either breathe the other way round to my instruction or they just directly don’t breathe (they withhold it), even when they are dying with exhaustion, they hold on to their air for dear life. I have figured it out: it’s the fear and the embarrassment of being noisy and expanding their bellies to grab air. It is a serious problem, really, one of the greatest maladies: “what will the others say”. Sadly, it’s a sign that social conditioning and political correctness have taken over people’s natural reflexes and expressions.

What a wonderful world it would be (as the song goes) if people breathed correctly. Such a basic, natural, instinctual, indispensable action… being repressed, voluntarily stopped, put to shame, neglected, under-stimulated.

“Breathing is the first act of life, and the last.”

Joseph Pilates

Let me tell you for the hundredth time: breathing with awareness will open up your spaces, detoxify you, fuel your movement, your power, your endurance, your mobility, your flexibility, your circulation, your metabolism, your body fluids and your mind! There are 3 things that give you that healing boost when you are feeling poorly (aside from adequate nutrition and meditation/stillness):

  • A good mobility session
  • A good singing session
  • A good breathing session

These are our healers in this realm. Forget medicines, forget miracle cures, or positive talking.

Now, the part which interests me the most for the sake of this article: Breathing in Fitness. This is one of the core elements in my purpose with SingersFit. There are many elements to address but for now, I’ll leave you with this:

Benefits of correct Breathing during Exercise

  • More power with less effort
  • Core engagement, spine stabilization
  • Prevents drop in blood pressure
  • Better oxygenation and blood flow
  • Exercising for longer periods
  • Prevents injuries
  • Increases focus and relaxation

These are the result of a combination of other factors: the right type of exercise, the right nutrition, water, rest and lifestyle. But breathing correctly will – at the very least – CONVERT you into WANTING to be healthier too 🙂 Your body and your mind will ask for the right things.

I ask you to first and foremost be mindful of your breathing when you are exercising. Whatever the movement, even if it’s just flexing your toes, the basic premise is this: breathe in on relaxation, breathe out on exertion (when the heart rate permits), which is equivalent to breathing in on the eccentric part of the movement and breathing out on the concentric part for strength training. It will drastically improve your performance, and most of all, your whole life. On my upcoming Breathing program I will dive deeper into this.

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