Fuck Pain

I’m back,

my pockets full of words.

I’ve arrived hugged to my name,

in case I get lost.

Long track, cold wind

the ice has burned the passwords to my body.

The street kills,

but can I help you with anything?

Fuck Pain.

They say we are nothing,

that nobody wants to be anything.

But I, I give a chance to love.

Fuck Pain.

Fear lives underneath the sheets,

doubt behind the sacred mountains.

God is busy preparing the end of the world,

but can I help you with anything?

Everyone is scared,

trying to catch the train they’re riding,

scared of being just one more.

You insist over and over again

in trying to understand these times

but you will never quench your thirst,

because fighters always want more.

So Fuck pain.

Don’t worry.

I’ll dance by your side,

stepping on the corpses

who chose to die

in this phantom war.

We’ll burn the roads together,

we’ll restart the engines,

we’ll kill the fear together,

and we’ll never turn back.

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