We are the illness

We are so distracted.

We are so often profoundly absent from the present moment.

With our fears, our unfounded worries, our preconceptions, our learned behaviours, our wounds, our patterns, our perception of what’s right and what’s wrong.

This crisis manifests in many horrors related to our health, but one of the most poetic is the resulting loss of our cellular identity. Thus creating imbalances such as cancers, autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic conditions that often have no medical remedy.

All these are the result of a loss of biological identity.

If your immune system doesn’t know who you are, do you?

The more bizarre reality at a physical level, is that the causal epicentre of this loss of human identity is the loss and poisoning of our microbiome, mother earth. We feed our body with the poisons we throw at the soil that nurtures what we eat. On an energetic level, what do you think those substances (and processes) devoid of life, can do to your body?

We have lost our self-respect the moment we lost respect for mother nature, and on the way we lost our identity, literally on a physical level.

Connection to nature is our salvation. Find yourself in the grandeur of her beauty. And heal thyself.

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