My Morning Medicine

We all have our routines. When you know something is good for you, even if it might not be the most comfortable or appealing thing to do, at the beginning you just force yourself to do it, so that it becomes a habit. Then you end up doing it, no matter what, until it becomes uncomfortable not doing it, you cannot go by without it. It’s like brushing your teeth and washing your face with cold water in the morning. It’s not the most heart-warming thing to do, but when we do it, oh do we feel so much better! 🙂

Like this, I have my glass of water with half a lemon juice first thing after I wake up because it cleanses/alkalizes my gut. After 20min-30min, I make a juice or smoothie (depending on my mood) consisting of celery and ginger as a base (sometimes only that) and then adding perhaps an apple, or blueberries or spinach or garlic or some seeds. Celery and Ginger are my Medicine, because of multiple reasons. We must always remember that nature gives us all that our body needs, because our body is made of the same elements that are in plants, soil and water. Like feeds like. Like heals like.

Below are some pictures of different versions of how I do it:

After this, my morning workouts will follow (including teaching classes). And then it’s when I have my break-fast (fast has been broken already, but anyway! we sometimes use words weirdly), with some protein and fat. I will vary things depending on what I had in the morning (if I had orange or apple, I won’t have any fruit afterwards; if I had honey/dates, I won’t have crackers/rye bread/sweet fruit/coloured vegs). Sometimes I will have a protein bar, depending on how I feel / what I had earlier / what I’ll have later. Below are some examples:

This is not a post where I’m going to tell you my daily food diary, but I will add another important thing related to medicine food: Soups. I cook soups when it’s cold and when I rarely have a cold/flu, as it happened recently, and I have them in the evening. Soups are an opportunity to throw in almost anything you want, and all of it good! vitamins, fibre, natural antibiotics (garlic, ginger and onion!), and the other natural healers… Herbs and Spices! 🙂 parsley, coriander, turmeric, fennel, cumin… Below are some examples of mine:

Dedicating time to our own wellbeing is the best thing we can ever do, for ourselves and for the world.

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