Fear undresses Souls

Hehehehe (unapologetically) 🤭🤭🤭

This situation was long due, it was just a matter of time. Energetically, things are upside down, so a little ‘scare’ like this one is even welcome. Will people finally wake up? Do we really need something like this to raise awareness of the things that matter? When something shakes us on the inside, nothing else matters and we realise that all our worries and stresses (and a lot of foolishness) are worthless. Deprive people from their basics: food, shelter, freedom of choice and health, and that’s it: you have them in the palm of your hand, because they fear for their lives. This is what our beloved system and the forces that govern us do from time to time with things like wars, terrorist attacks, pandemics or strange diseases. It’s just a shame that some souls have to be sacrificed in the process.

If only everyone understood that our souls never die…😌

I used to think that we were being controlled by the most horrific beings ever conceived. And we probably are. But I don’t see them as such anymore. Because, for good or bad, I finally understand the nature of reality; I am at peace with it. And, the same way they do exist, we also have the most benevolent, compassionate beings ever imagined looking after us up there. I am not in favour of ritualistic sacrifices or any of those horrendous things that happen, but if and when they happen, to the people involved, I believe it’s because they’re meant to serve a greater purpose of balance. It’s like when someone dies of an accident, or something considered “bad” happens all of a sudden. It doesn’t mean that the person “deserves” it (sometimes they do, on a soul level), but in the great scheme of the energetic realm we inhabit, it does make sense, even if in our limited minds it doesn’t.

Darkness is needed as a space to create Light.

People are not scared of darkness… people are scared of light because it is so blinding that it’s too difficult to process, too confusing, too scary, too real. This fear leads us to staying in the darkness, or in the shadows, most of the time. They play with this. They know that we don’t understand how things work (thanks to their strategically planned religions throughout history), and so they play with our emotions inducing fear of death and blood when that’s just illusion. When one is in the know, none of that can shake us. I’m not saying I am totally fearless, after all I am human. But I am a little bit less scared than before.

Life, therefore growth, movement, is only possible through challenges. If there were no contrasts (good weather and bad weather, pleasure and pain, sadness and happiness) we would never learn how to balance, how to be in the middle, we would always be fighting (as people usually are) and in our minds. But when we let go of our persistence for leading with the ego, we become ordinary, we become present in this moment and all of a sudden we are in the middle, we are virtuous, we are open to our real selves. We just are.

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”  ― Rumi

If all it takes is an event like this for people to finally open their eyes, then be it.

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