Heart, Soul & Spirit

This could well be the title of a voluminous book, but it’s not. So I’ll try to get to the point.

Heart, Soul and Spirit are three different components of our being that often get mistaken. I won’t go into Body (i.e. the different bodies), Ego/Self or Mind here. I want to address these three terms from my own perspective, based on what I’ve read and on what I personally feel.

Soul. It’s our consciousness as in what we absorb and perceive through our pores (skin and etheric) and gets to our feelings and emotions, and it resides in the brain/nervous system (I will throw here, raw, that the Mind is a component of the Soul). It’s also about our memories and experiences (hence triggering emotions and feelings), our faith, our hopes and fears. Ideally, our soul should be intact but life is not smooth, so the hardships we experience in life (traumatic events, the death of a loved one, betrayals, choices) fracture our soul and even lose pieces of itself. In such a way that we carry those wounds to the next life, and the next one and the next one (if nothing is done about it). This soul damage very often implies a loss of energy (literally) and even a loss of life force. A cracked soul is like a house at night which is meant to have all the lights on but some of the rooms are in the dark. When we search for spiritual paths we are wanting to repair our soul… we want to feel whole again, in light.

Heart. This is where our love, compassion and joy reside. It corresponds with the Heart chakra. You can have a healthy soul and a broken heart. The Heart guides us to take the right choices when our Soul is lost. Hence why the Heart rules the Mind, eventually.

“The Mind is afraid of the Heart, because it cannot rule it. Mind is afraid of love, trust, and anything to do with the Heart. Heart has allowed Mind to rule, but at any moment Heart can speak and Mind knows it, so it fears. The Heart is the ultimate master, Mind is just its servant” – Osho

Also, the strength of our Heart will keep us going when the Soul is damaged. A strong Heart will get us through until the Soul heals. Our Heart also keeps record of our good intentions, meaning our Soul can be battered but our Heart will be warm and loving. Also the greater the Soul suffering, the more the Heart grows in compassion. Hence why the people with the biggest hearts are the ones who have endured the worst hardships.

Spirit. It’s what keeps us alive. It’s our will, our strength to survive. The Spirit enables us to run, fight, even if our Soul and Heart are broken, you show up for work the following morning. It keeps us physically alive while we figure out how to heal. Doing physical activity will help us regain our Spirit when things are ugly and will contribute to the healing of Soul and Heart.

Now, what to do with this? Does it matter if we know the difference? Living in the present is the best form of healing. Dealing with our hardships in the moment they come, punch whoever needs to be punched in the face at that moment, and/or having sex until fainting, is the best form of releasing our stresses, hence healing. Say whatever needs to be said in the moment, let it all out, express yourself from the bottom of your gut, kick someone in their rear, kiss someone passionately. That’s the way out 🙂

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