Words Kill or Create

Selling ourselves🙄. Something I’ve never been good at, not because of being incapable, but because it’s boring, a waste of time for the soul. I don’t want to do it, hence I put little or no care into it. But it’s a worldly thing that has to be done. I’ve always dreaded promoting or advertising what I do. Be it Fitness or Music, or anything. People know what my work does to them when they meet me, and that’s all it’s needed. If I want an apple, I know where to go and get it and if you come running towards me trying to sell me an apple, I’ll probably run in the opposite direction😂. Promoting one’s own love with propaganda and fable words is wrong. Wrong spiritually, anyway. It goes ‘against the law’. And I’ll explain why, but before I’ll have a rant against the empire😌.

It is still a reason of amusement how the English (and their colonies) put lots of adjectives before their products, in order to sell something. Not just things but also events, people, concepts… everything. Coming from old medieval Galicia, where we don’t need any of that because our products are of an inherent high quality and full of humble old wisdom, I too felt myself caught up in the ‘adjective’ trap, to find out, disappointingly, after trying such enticingly described products, that they were of an awful quality. You can always trick your own kind and those below, but not someone who knows better. I may have many flaws, but I recognize quality a mile off.

I must say, in their favour, that’s how they got away with conquering the world, and they still do.

Anyway, enough of this, after all I live amongst them by choice. Let’s get to the point of my article.

There are two contradictory aspects of words that I have come to the conclusion of:

  1. Words (the vibration of thought made more ‘solid’) create matter.
  2. Words kill the intention, the essence.

We cannot apply both to the same situation at the same time. So, again, it depends on our perception and intention on what we want to manifest/create and on which plane. If, for example, I want to enhance a concept in a lecture in an academic (mental) environment, I will weave my words in a way that the subject is understood to its fullest, hence raising its awareness and making it more palpable, with as many strategically placed (not unnecessary or excessive) words as possible. If, on the contrary, I want to convey something that implies the heart, I will conceal my words. Because putting a name to heart matters destroys the very essence of them. The more logical we are in love, the less love it becomes. Words come from the mental plane… and the mind is normally not in sync with the heart. Hence why, artists find it difficult to ‘sell’ their craft. Because their craft is in their heart, not in the mind.

And that’s all I had to say about that.

We are doomed.

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