Darkness & Light: Where are you?

Reality is dual. Even all the other dimensions and everything that we can perceive with or without our usual senses, is dual. Otherwise it wouldn’t “be” as we know it. For something to come to manifestation it needs to have some sort of tangibility, be it material or immaterial. You’ll ask “how can something immaterial be tangible?” Well, because you “know” it, you “feel it”, you’ve “lived” it, such as your dreams. They are real because when they happen, they do happen for real. Yet, they are not material. But you’ll agree with me that they do exist.

This tangibility comes determined, factually, by a difference or polarity of frequencies. Without a polarity, there wouldn’t be a wave, a sinus, a contrast, a reason. Non-polarity is the infinite, nothingness and oneness, void and God, eternity and love. We don’t want any of that in order to exist as we know. We have the essence of oneness but we cannot be oneness while we exist in here, it’s a contradiction. And this is what history has called evil in hundreds of ways via the various religions, the opposite to oneness. Evil, hell, inferno, only exists in our several dimensions, it does not exist in oneness. So, as long as there is vibration, there is existence, and a massive probability of a lot of evil (in fact, we dwell in darkness, rather than light)

I have learned that we all come to this lifetime with a certain essence, inclined to one or the other end of the ruler. We are more or less lacking or abundant in light (or darkness), with nobody being totally light or totally dark. Going towards the light, love, goodness, is not better, in the grand scheme of things, than choosing the dark. What is better: being long or short? hot or cold? big or small? black or white? there is no judgement, things just are. It’s the same with our choices and behaviours in life. If we choose something is because we have to. We’ve been designed to do so in order to eventually complete ourselves. It’s also useful to know that the people, events and things that happen to us in a lifetime will be there to help us in our way to becoming. In this sense it is very normal to feel attracted by light beings when one is in the dark side, and feel attracted by the darkness when one is a firefly, this is what will keep us going, we will feed off that. It is the law, and there is nothing we can do about it, there is no reasoning, no mind, no shortcuts to overcome whatever suffering, joy or pain this might take us through. Hence why it is important to learn to live the moment, not to judge, and accept.

My question to you is: how far in the ladder are you? Are you closer to the light or to the dark? And how much do you fluctuate? Why? And where are you heading towards? I’ll explain.

There is no absolute “matter”, “density” or “evil”. The same way as there is no absolute “fat”, or absolute “tall”. There will always be someone who is taller or fatter, or has the potentiality of becoming so in that direction. Now, in order to become “fatter” (I’ll put the example of a person), one will have to eat more from somewhere or exercise less (there needs to be an increase in energy intake or a decrease in expenditure), and the energy from that food or activity will be taken off someone or somewhere else (energy wise it doesn’t matter if you take from a being or an inert or gaseous thing, energy is energy), leaving that other end lacking. This is a very rough example, but ennobling a bit, applying it to your deeds, actions and thoughts, where are you? Are you aware that going in one direction means you’re taking something away from the other end of the scale? Going towards the blissful side of things will take away from the dark, and going towards the ugliest side will take away from the light. Remember, there is nothing wrong or right, though, even if that means someone will get hurt in the process – it’s meant to be. Doing good deeds or going towards the right in life does not mean you’ll achieve enlightenment earlier. At some point in your existence you’ll have to go left in order to know it all, in order to grow towards the infinite. Going through the darkest of darkness. It’s all part of love, it’s all okay. That’s why it’s so important to learn to accept things as they are, as hard as they may seem sometimes.

Creation has certain principles, and 3 of these are the principle of polarity, the principle of vibration and the principle of cause and effect, which I am briefly tackling in this article. You’ll find some more valuable knowledge about this in The Kybalion, although I write this based on my own conclusions and perspective of my experiences/readings throughout the years.


Understanding this, my dear reader, is the key to being. Nothing goes away. Nothing escapes. It all comes back, sooner or later, in this life, or another one.

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