Exercise & Energetic DNA

This title gives me shivers just thinking of how much scope for investigation it accounts for 🙂

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know which exercise goes best with our own individual energetic print, to improve/heal/strengthen all aspects of our various bodies? I don’t think humanity is too far from making this type of knowledge a mainstream thing. We see biological DNA technology being implemented in our daily lives, such as finding out your food tolerances/preferences, sleeping patterns (body clock), allergies, athletic or not predisposition, heart resistance, weaknesses and strengths, etc. according to your genes (for example, I’ve taken this test https://www.dnafit.com/, you should take it if you haven’t yet). Also which types of medicines/drugs are good and not so good for you based on your biological heredity (it’s called Pharmagenics and Genomic Medicine; I recommend this company in Spain, where my mother has been successfully treated http://euroespes.com/en/). We already have this in the physical, and I say that we can have the same for our energetic DNA 🙂 because we also have other bodies that we cannot see, they do exist although they’re not ‘material’ to our senses (I’ve spoken about this here), and they also have a genetic footprint. The current that studies this is called Epigenetics, and it’s about the changes in our biological body that don’t have an apparent DNA correspondence, but they are there. It’s energetic information (from emotions, the environment, etc.) passed through generations. This concept is very old. But we are silly animals 🙂 and we like to call fancy names to basic stuff that’s been there forever.

Based on the premise that everything (including us) is constantly changing, Epigenetics is far from being some sort of deluded hypothesis, if you dare to think so. Our genes are not fixed. Everything is in constant motion. They change, as we do, influenced by our surroundings, the things that happen to us, how we react to them, how we integrate or block events thrown at us, etc.

Getting to the thick of this article now. Perhaps you, like me, suffer or have suffered from lower back pain due to emotional reasons. I have also come across clients who have certain muscular-skeletal aches (hip, knee) or nervous-motor conditions that aren’t recognised or being dealt with by conventional medical institutions. In that case, is it wise to put more stress on your problematic body part performing exercises that aggravate the situation? Should you stop exercising that part completely? Or should you push yourself to the limit until the pain is so unbearable that the body gets used to it and it “heals”? (beast!) More importantly, will doing any of these heal the root of the problem?

If I knew that performing conventional barbell Romanian deadlifts – no matter now good my form is – is not going to help my lower back pain, due to my biological and energetic genetic footprint, and instead, for my personal present circumstances (that can change tomorrow) performing Leg Presses and Pull-Ups is going to be more helpful, wouldn’t that be awesome? Also, if I knew that my upper body has more Type II Fast Twitch muscle fibres than Slow Twitch, and that’s the reason why I grow more muscle on my upper body when lifting an 8kg dumbbell, however I don’t grow muscle in my legs Lying-Leg-Pressing 320kg, not in a million years – I lose muscle instead – wouldn’t that be awesome? Add to that energy body problems, such as the reason of your back weakness being due to some ancestor in the Xth Century who was wounded by an arrow and could not walk again, and the trauma got stored in the energetic DNA and was never healed, so now you suffer from it. And now heal that trauma and strengthen your back again with the specific exercise for you. My mind is already lost with all the possible infinite combinations 🤪.

I wish I could have the answers and write a massive encyclopaedia where one can find the best exercises for the various millions of combinations of genotypes and their ailments, but unfortunately I will have to disappoint you. Oh well, at least I bring the matter to the table 🙂 There are several articles online, some isolated studies and research, but it seems scientists haven’t come up with such a life-transforming tool yet 😦 (read this disappointing article, for example https://www.outsideonline.com/2094271/problem-genetics-based-training). Don’t know why people go and research whether we can build civilization in outer planets when there is so much to discover, heal and improve here on planet Earth, in our bodies, and in ourselves. I leave that there.

We are the universe 🙂

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