The Power of the Body

One thing that Fitness has taught me (or, rather, is teaching me) is how powerful our body is. Me, having a background in Music and all things dreamy, living in my mind and soul has always been pretty much the norm. However, when it comes to the basic things in life, such as food, health, love and pain, it is the body that lives those, the mind rationalizes about them, knows about them, it can even get lost and wander, our soul feels and it’s much closer to our material side, but the body goes through them. So, considering that our being has many layers, we learn our experiences in the most dense manifestation of ourselves better than in the less dense because the body implies emotions and sensations. And those give us pain or joy (and all its derivatives), two things impossible to ignore when they happen in the body.



Our physical body is so much more than what we are told. Our body is our house. Literally. It is the most sacred manifestation of all there is. In our body we have the orbits of the planets, the movements of galaxies, all the elements and forces of nature, ingrained in the most perfect machine ever created, product of our collective consciousness for millions and millions of years. Our body works with cause and effect, pressure and release, speed and stillness, warmth and cold, and the most refined combination of molecules to create tissues that no man can ever repeat or fabricate: flesh, membranes, bones, blood, etc. Such is the masterpiece of our self-developed refinement. And this materialisation of our consciousness is the direct reflection of our unseen bodies, including the mind body.

Everything follows the law. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Our body’s peculiarities are determined by our genetic heritage and our growth circumstances throughout life. So not only our mum and dad’s physical traits, but also those of our ancestors’ acquired behaviours such as attitudes towards time of scarcity, illnesses, reactions to unexpected news, ways of showing love, social conditioning, etc. So, even though we carry all that information from the past, the present physical and non-physical environments are continually affecting and changing us. Some things we can’t choose, but most of them we can. We can choose in which space to live (hopefully), work, rest, and we can choose the people we surround ourselves with, and those we can’t choose, we can choose our behaviours towards them. Being able to leave the herd, detach from stagnant situations, takes a bit of courage but it is always possible. Even our own perception of the future can change us. How you view your future can shape you into being an optimistic, realistic or pessimist person.

The health and beauty of our body is a basic condition of our spiritual state. And the nucleus of its vitality is in the blood and the ‘seeds’ (sperm), for they are the life carriers. The better the harmony and interaction of these two fluids the healthier the body will be, and the health of these depend largely on our soul’s and mind’s health. And, of course, the food we eat and our breathing, the two things that preserve our physical body. So, all our bodily functions, with their reactions and happenings, also affect the behaviour of our soul (emotional plane) and spirit (mental plane), and viceversa.

Being a beautiful person is a great thing, but if you don’t take care of your body, you’ll be neglecting your soul and all the goodness in you. Take care of yourself 😊.

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