Emotional Vampires

Also called energy suckers, poor souls, or lacking.

I’ve had my share of them in life, in various forms and shapes. Including long teeth, claws and curvy backs (true thing). And, as painful as it is, I have seen them with my naked eyes. Imagine, someone you’ve given all your being, suddenly appearing like this:

The soul of a loved one, as I saw it in my Ayahuasca trip.

It has been my experience that the best liars always claim to never lie, and often times it is because they are so good at lying that they even lie to themselves. And after pointing out at the things they’ve been saying and the things they’ve been doing, contradicting themselves, they don’t consider that they are lying. Instead, they call you “crazy” in such a convincing way, that at times I questioned myself if I was really being delirious. That’s a shame, really, how they allow dishonesty to rule them when all they need is to be open to own their truths and do something about them, like, really own them, not just say they own them and not action them.

People such as this, really hold themselves back and hurt many in the process. They might apologize, but that apology will not be sincere, it will be a mask with a hope that one would back down on our word and do the work for them. Emotional vampires use up people’s devotion and attention because they don’t know how to devote to themselves. They lack light. They lack grace. They lack love, basically. They need to prey on others in order to justify their existence. And who are the ones more likely to be preyed on? those who have the most light, empaths, healers, the good people. I am of this kind too, always attracted to the very bad ones. We not only attract these creatures in love, but also in business, family and friendships.

You see, in this reality everything functions by opposing forces in order to sustain itself. The good and the bad, light and dark. So, naturally, and no surprises here, dark people attract light people, energetically speaking. They need each others. The same as the broken preys on the empath, the empath only feels attracted to someone who is wounded enough to need the healing they are able to provide. We won’t feel attracted to a normal person because there’s nothing to heal there. A healer’s heart is aloe vera and it needs to salve wounds, by design. The empath is full of love and compassion to give, and the vampire can’t give anything because he/she doesn’t have it, so he/she looks for it. None of them are wrong or right. Things are as they are because they have to be, by design.

As hard as these images are to grasp, they are VERY REAL. I give faith.

Vampires are imprisoned by fear. They cannot allow themselves to put in the work required to love someone because something in their childhood or past lives is stuck in the “leave them before they leave me” mode. And if they decide to put in that work, they are afraid it will be for naught. So they are people of routine too, extremely safe. And because of this, they are disconnected from their heart and they don’t know how to love themselves, because they haven’t allowed anyone to love them unconditionally enough as to learn that they deserve it, that they are worth it. This kind of isolation suffocates the soul. And in order to alleviate this pain, they seek out people to care for them, they seek attention, because that is the only way they can satisfy their emotional thirst, it’s an addiction. Once they have fed themselves enough, they will throw the empath’s carcass away and go to the next prey. They may not want to hurt anyone, but they will, they can’t help it. This is truth, do not delude yourself into thinking this is fantasy.

On the other hand, empaths can also become addicted to give and latch to someone who is so badly hurt that they refuse the healing they need, that they will be pouring water into a cup with a hole at the bottom, obsessed with trying to fill it, and convincing themselves that if they keep the water running long enough, it will eventually fill up. But the water will keep falling through until either the water bill cuts off or they decide to turn off the tap.

Wounded people refuse to be healed because although they are in pain, and they really want the medicine, they compare their new experiences to their past ones, and they assume that the costs to pay will be way to high, and that fear prevents them from doing anything about it. They are afraid of opening up again, and no matter how good the intentions of the empath are, they will always feel they know better and their fear will be bigger than anything else. They are rooted in old habits too and like this they never break out of this cycle. They build their own imaginary walls and refuse to let anyone enter, it doesn’t matter what the other person says or does. They feel, stubbornly, that this path is easier than even contemplating change.


Empaths also have a dark side. It’s the extreme sensitivity they have to deal with daily. The acceptance of their giving nature. And also the obsession we have that we can change the world and heal people. Uh-uh, no. We can’t change people. People have to change for themselves. I have had to learn the hard way, if I didn’t want to succumb into the abyss. It is still an ongoing process, and I suspect this life is the opportunity we have to transform this quality. We transform by doing the following:


  • Say NO when you feel something isn’t right. If you suspect something is wrong, go with it, that’s usually the key. Follow your intuition.
  • Protect yourself. Surround yourself with nature, the people who are good to you, and pamper yourself with nice things such as salt baths, massages, exercise…. anything that releases the emotions and tensions from your body.
  • Force yourself to think wisely. Recognize when someone deserves you or not.
  • Call things by their name and don’t attribute fictitious qualities that aren’t there.
  • Do not give chances.
  • Put yourself first.

Vampires can also transform. I have learned that nothing in this life (or the other) is permanent. We always have CHOICE. So if you are a vampire, you CAN transform your darkness into light, only by going through it, there is no way around it. My advice from experience is this:


  • Surrender, accept yourself.
  • Seek help from someone who understands you, maybe professional help too, and for this you have to let your guard down, swallow your pride.
  • Have an Ayahuasca or Plant Medicine experience.
  • Consult a highly intuitive seer/clairvoyant – this is tricky, make sure they are legit!
  • Spend time with yourself, look inside, even if it terrifies you.
  • Let go of your grudges, even if that means contacting people from the past. Forgive yourself and forgive others.
  • Allow yourself to grieve. Let it all out. Seek your friends, the people who care for you unconditionally.

And remember: love is all there is 🙂 ❤

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  1. Wow : what you have put in print is so true on so many levels. I personally have been there, not so much being the vampire but having the life sucked out of me. And by some miracle I was able to escape and see what was happening this is letting me through the person I am today. Thank you for putting it to work now maybe the other people see it and become better people.

    Liked by 1 person

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