The physicality of Love

Something is happening in the body… the digestive and nervous systems, the muscles. Am I inside me or not anymore? The usual food isn’t welcome. The usual workout isn’t welcome. I want warmth, lightness of foods, weights and movement. Or no food at all. My whole system is in an altered state. I hear violins and classical guitars everywhere, every sound is amplified. Flying. My blood pressure is high but low. A quickened heart rate, a deep-shallow breathing. I’m floating and I’m falling. Tingling. Butterflies. Light headiness. Even fainting, like yesterday, on the train. A bigger space inside me. Changes in the perception of reality. People, faces around me have a different meaning. Trees and the sky have different colours. There are waves of energy coming and going… in the body, in the air, all around… Energy is heightened. Frequency raises. Nothing is real, everything is a dream.

This happens when we are in love.

Exactly the same as when a love is passing us by.


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