Emotional Muscles

Every cell in our body stores emotional information. But I am going to focus on the muscles that correspond to the Sacral energy centre: Hip Flexors, Adductors and Pelvic Floor.

With bum/booty (glutes and abductors) being all the rage nowadays in fitness, and people of all walks of life focusing on building quads and hams, we forget about the rest of the upper leg, the adductors, pelvic floor and hip flexors, the ones who drive the whole thing. That means basically your groin. Your ‘front’. Your power station. So. Important. For. Your. Self-Love. Yep. Tight adductors = extreme pain or extreme joy. Tell me about it. Of course the lower back is also involved (well… everything is involved), but I’ll focus on these for now.

I have found that the hip flexors (illiopsoas), pelvic floor and adductor muscles (and also the calves!) absorb all the emotional content of our body. I am saying this purely from experience. Their location also coincides with the Sacral Chakra (the energy centre for emotions, sex and creativity). I feel a sensual tingling sensation when they are on fire. This tingling is the release of old patterns in the emotional body. I almost feel them talking to me. Right now, as I write, I am on it (today I worked hard on them).

Emotional energy
In purple, you can see the places where I feel “it”, which match exactly the location of these muscles.

The adductor muscles are the largest muscles in the legs, along with the quads. We contract the adductors every time we laugh hard and cry/fear hard. We also contract the pericardium (the connective tissue that surrounds the heart), which is connected to the adductors via the hip flexors, diaphraghm and pelvic floor (through a continuous deep fascia). There you have the emotional muscles in their fullest glory: HEART + DIAPHRAGM + HIP FLEXORS + PELVIC FLOOR + ADDUCTORS. Pure beauty 🙂

When we engage the adductors we are also activating the entire ‘deep front line’ – Thomas Myers, ‘Anatomy Trains’.

The fascia is another wonder of life that I’ll have to address in detail on another article.

deep front line
Deep Front Line. All the muscles here are connected from top to bottom.

We are using our adductors, hip flexors and pelvic floor all the time (when we walk and breathe, aside from the specific exercises we do in a workout, or other daily activities that imply functional movements), that means a lot going on. On top of it, if we add emotional charge aside from all that physical activity, it’s no wonder that we’ll end up exhausted, fatigued, in pain, and also prone to disease.

Adductor exercises.

I will focus on adductors and leave the hip flexors and pelvic floor exercises for another time (only because otherwise this will be quite lengthy). Aside from the basic squats, lunges and leg press, performed at a WIDE stance, and with different angles at the hip and knee joints (curtsey lunges, side lunges, etc), some exercises to target the main adductor muscles (specifically, the adductor magnus), and to be done at the end of the previous basic ones for a maximum effect, are:

I personally find that training calves in a session where we train hip flexors and adductors works well, because of the reasons mentioned above (the energetic link between them). So add some calf raises to that.

Of course there are many other exercises that work on the adductors (plank side leg lifts, opp. mountain climbers, side plank with suspended leg under, lying/seated leg lifts etc.) – it’s a matter of experimenting yourself if you are ready. Or ask me 🙂


Now, these are some of the things you can do to stretch (lengthen) your adductors and hip flexors, accompanied by the right breathing and quiet mind, so that blood and oxygen flow fluidly after killing them the whole day with all those stresses:

Hip Flexors Stretches 1

Adductors stretches 1

The more relaxed you are, the more efficient the stretches will be (mainly because when you are relaxed, you breathe better). You can find some more here.

Massage and foam rolling will help with the oxygen flow to the cells. Maybe also try talking to them. No, I’m not mad (well, maybe I am a bit, but who isn’t?). This is as real as anything else. Words with intentions send energy, as we know. In fact, there is a whole literature about it. Go and seek if it interests you.

Hip Flexors pain: Fear of going forward in major decisions. Nothing to move forward to. – Louise Hay

The thing is, aside from the physical and emotional stress we put into any part of our body, our thought patterns and behaviours also cause imbalances. Our body is an intuitive machine, and it will always alert us of our emotional problems by SCREAMING, YELLING at us through our body. Are we ever going to listen?

The pains and problems happening in this area (the second or Sacral chakra) involve anxiety, anger or sadness about sexuality, relationship struggles and financial concerns. So, if stretches and massages are not healing us, it means we have to address the problem from a deeper perspective, and look at our life and change things. Basically going through sh*t. Because if we don’t… if we don’t… well, we’ll pay a higher price at some point. That’s the way it works and there’s no way around it.

For f***’s sake. Do it.

I’m exhausted. Luckily, there are some bright articles below.

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