What it takes

We think we know it all. Yes, I am talking to myself, humble book enthusiast and knowledge-seeker of many disciplines, I, who call myself a never-ending learner. Maybe you relate. We allow our convictions to make their way into other people’s questions, sure of our intentions, we spread what we know firmly, knowing we are doing good and it’s in the highest interest of those we try to help. But one can’t save the world. The only way we can help others is by working on ourselves, and let the people who need us come to us.


Have you ever seen your own soul?

Dark and Light coexist everywhere. We cannot acknowledge one without knowing the other. Some souls belong in the Dark, some in Light. It is a choice, though. There is always a choice. It takes a lot of courage to face one’s darkness. Why would one want to experience hell? it’s better to ignore and continue to make up imaginary excuses that justify one’s ego to perpetuate the separation we like to delve in. Ah, the ego. We end up believing our self-made up (non-existent) reasons in order to avoid confronting our fears and the wounds stored in our DNA. And like this we never come out of that loop. We stubbornly want it. How ridicule. How can we be so coward that we avoid prosperity by believing in non-existent excuses? It’s because a part of us wants life (union), and another part death (separation).

We all have different levels of energy at a soul level. Some people have a very low frequency. Their souls are dense, small, slow, weak, they drag themselves on the lowest of abysses and they live there, waiting for pieces of flesh to drop from above and get rid of the carcasses until the next one falls down, like vultures, they prey on lighter souls. They don’t know better. It’s the footprint of their soul. Others, though, live there on their own accord. They have fallen from the Light and they are lords in the Dark. They don’t rule the highest highs because they don’t let go of their egos – by choice – and so they cast their wrath upon the disgraceful, miserable souls down there. Not a pretty sight, I know well.

Now, if you think that the good guys live in an ethereal world of unicorns and rainbows, you are quite mistaken. Real Love means facing the Dark and the Light on equal measure, so it’s not easy to be a being of Light, one needs to be a Warrior. That’s why some souls prefer to compromise their integrity and delve in darkness. Choosing darkness is equal to choosing death in life. In order to realize of love we need to go through a transformation, we need to “fall upwards”. Falling down is easy, but going against the laws of gravity is not. We need to look at death in the eyes and say: “I’ll meet you on the other side some other time”. We won’t find that courage unless pain becomes so unbearable that we agonize until we have no choice but fighting. That’s when courage shows up, and pushing through our horrors, we arrive to the other side, surprisingly alive, because after all… it’s all an illusion.

“Let it go, let it go”

Remember, you always have a choice.

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