The feeling of pain

One gets used to it. Paralyzing at first, it’s the varnish that covers us. All varnishes strengthen and protect the material they’re applied to. The more layers of pain you’re able to withstand, the stronger you become. Why people complain about pain? There’s nothing wrong with it: it’s a feature for improvement and it’s free! Humanity, never satisfied😅.

Getting familiar with the intensity of pain when you’re working with, say 12kg in one arm, will be your reference to increase the weight when that sensation of effort is no longer there. On a scale of 1 to 5 (or 1 to 10, up to you), assign your level of pain to that last rep, memorize the sensation, and your ability to do/not do more. Next round or next time you have a go at it, it will still have the same feeling, but probably after 3 or 4 rounds you will be able to surpass it and do an extra rep at the same intensity of pain. So here you are another feature of pain: it’s useful. So that you can improve. Progress!😊 Of course this is not just at a physical level, but also at a non-physical one, as you might have guessed. Pain protects us and also builds us. Or it kills us. But we won’t die. Until. So we better get used to it and overcome it, it’s the only option.


Going away from the muscular/external aspect now. Our body has clever ways of telling us when something is not right, but we not always listen (we don’t know how, or don’t want to know how). Pain is one of the main physical signals that can be sourced in a non-physical disruption/imbalance, unless it’s an obvious reason (e.g. pain from a knife cut). Respecting the emotions triggered by a negative (not so negative) event, instead of ignoring them, is a thing that only the wise do. I often hear people say: “apologies, I feel a bit emotional”, as if being emotional was a lack, a shame, a weakness, when in fact it’s a most natural necessity. Trying to suppress our gut reactions is creating a plastic society that I am not fond of. Hence why people (specially millenials) are messed up with regards to relationships, love, etc. Plenty of choice, no value, indifference, ignorance of oneself and nature. Lack of touch and avoidance of their own emotions.

Here we have some pain indicators and what they mean, according to Louise Hay and Dr. Mona L. Schulz, whose book “All is well” I recommend reading:

  • Pain in general = Guilt. Guilt always seeks punishment. (Take a moment to reflect on this).
  • Cramps = Fear. Stopping the process. Tension. Holding on, gripping.
  • Aches in general = Longing for love, longing to be held.
  • Arthritis (joint pain) = Feeling unloved. Criticism, resentment.
  • Lower Back pain = financial problems, fear of money.
  • Mid Back pain = Guilt. Stuck. “Get off my back” feeling.
  • Upper Back pain = Lack of emotional support, feeling unloved.
  • Colics = impatience, annoyance in the surroundings.
  • Headaches = invalidating the self, self-criticism, fear.
  • Heartburn = Fear, fear, fear.
  • Knee pain = inflexibility, ego, pride, won’t give in.
  • Muscular pain = resistance to new experiences.
  • Neuralgia = punishment for guilt, anguish over communication.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis = Deep criticism of authority, feeling very put-upon.
  • Sciatica = being hypocritical, fear of money and of the future.
  • Sore throat = feeling unable to express oneself, stifled creativity, swallowed anger.
  • Tumors = nursing old hurts and shocks, building remorse.

As with everything non-physical, it takes longer to sink in and accept, unless you are a highly skilled magus or you’ve been meditating deeply for several lifetimes😏. But paying attention to those aspects of your life and see how they relate to your pains can actually be a key element in your progress.

Does this mean that if someone has a tumor they have to heal their old wounds at an emotional/mental level and wait for the tumor to disappear? NO. It means you do that, AND you also seek material medicine, e.g. a combination of, firstly natural medicine: Ayurveda, Chinese, alchemical or homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, energy healing, change of thoughts, nutrition and exercise, and secondly, also conventional medicine, trying to avoid the most invasive treatments and leave them as a last resource. After all, like heals like, and material medicine is needed for a material disruption, even though the origin might be non-material. Remember: the things of the unseen take time to sink in, but they are efficient. All good things take time, you just have to look at nature. Nothing solid is built in the blink of an eye. Trust.

And yes, it is true that someone who has a physical ailment might be a good person, no doubt, but their external look or manifestation is a sign of a deeper wound that’s not wanting to be healed, and it’s always the same underlying reasons: fear, guilt, shame. For this reason we don’t like people with bad breath or with lots of skin rashes, or obese, or anorexic, or with tremors… these are signs of something unhealthy going on, as beautiful people they might be on their soul😊. Take responsibility. We are all weak. But we are all strong too. It only takes one single decision.


In all the cases, you always have a choice: either to continue complaining about your pains, lacks, fears, etc. or commit to change. When you commit to change, do it fully, with no return, and you will see for yourself the transformation you’ve always been longing for.

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