Muscle, Auras & Mind

Ahh… if we had full control of the power of our mind and build up muscle (or anything we wanted) without having to do the hard work🙃. The Mind-Muscle connection. Something we often let pass unperceived. But before dwelling into this important aspect, if we want to optimize our “gains” in fitness, let’s dive a bit deeper.


In any activity we do, we are so used to the external perception of things that we forget to actually do things mindfully, purposely, from the inside out. We all fall prey to doing one thing while thinking of another one, unfocused. We are such creatures of the 5 senses, that we tend to forget about our unseen dimensions, such as the different layers of our being. The human being is not only the physical body that we perceive with our senses, it is much more.


Although I am no seer, I am a sentient and a knower. And there are thousands of accounts from the beginning of times until today of people who have the ability to see. Our body is surrounded and interpenetrated by a luminous body called usually the “aura”, which is divided in several layers (or bodies), as we move away from the material body, those layers become higher in frequency and therefore, finer in substance and vibration, and following the “like attracts like” rule, those in the upper field can only be perceived by someone who is vibrating at that same level, i. e. in a deep meditative, elevated state.


Bodies 1, 3, 5, 7 are structured — 2, 4, 6 are fluid (Barbara Brennan School of Healing)

Interestingly, these auras follow a dual pattern, meaning that every other layer of the field is highly structured like in waves of light, while the in-between layers appear fluid and in constant motion. These flow through the form set by the ‘static’ ones (they aren’t really static either but they appear more settled). They interpenetrate each others. Actually, each body is not a “layer” at all, although that is what we may perceive. It is, rather, a more expansive version of our self that carries within it the other, more limited forms. How amazing is that?😃 Don’t you get excited just thinking how many aspects of us interfere with our lives that we are unaware of and what that means? All possibility!

Strength Training Focus.

Starting from this premise, let’s get to the grit. If we could consciously put all our mental, emotional, etheric and astral energy into building our physical body the way we wanted, wouldn’t that save us a lot of injuries and money? (think of how many gym memberships and equipment wouldn’t be needed). What if the movies’ heroes and fictional powerful characters were not so fictional? What if science-fiction was actually based on ancient knowledge that our current society has forgotten, corrupted and ridiculed? What if we could actually use our mental/emotional and beyond powers to get what we wanted? We would need to be pure, focused and dedicated wholly, so as not to be influenced by anything or anyone, anytime, anywhere, in any way #utopia #ahhthedream 🤩


Let’s start from the basics. Performing a Single Arm Dumbbell Row, for example. The activation of the muscle comes first from your brain to the muscle (nervous system), with or without holding a weight. If you focus your attention on the rear delts/lats while you perform the row, and relax the rest of the arm (muscle and movement isolation, an activity we also do in corporal expression, theatre and singing), you will save energy and therefore be more efficient in the recruitment of muscle fibres of the worked muscles. You don’t need to engage your forearm, pecs, biceps, or your fingers. If you hold a dumbbell, as you increase its weight, your nervous system will increasingly become preocupied in ‘lifting’ the weight rather than in engaging/activating the desired muscles, recruiting fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, biceps, triceps, pectorals or even obliques, lower back and glutes. Parallel to it, your brain will be so busy trying to lift the weight that it will lose the capacity of concentrating in just the rear delts/lats.

No brain, no gain.

The power of the mind.

By employing thought and intentional contraction of the muscle we’re working, more of the power output is shifted from secondary movers onto the focused muscle. We basically activate the muscle when we focus on it (and this is backed up by research). There will definitely be muscle toning with focused activity: The exercise starts on your mind. In fact, someone did an experiment with people exercising and people thinking of exercising and the people who thought it achieved almost the same percentage of gains than the ones who actually exercised! Read it here, and a similar study here. I have written about “dreaming your workouts” before and getting toned while dreaming about it here. Interesting, isn’t it?

I am still a firm believer in the fact that nothing long-lasting comes easy. So what if the classical “no pain, no gain” could also possibly refer to mental pain (as in mental effort) instead of physical pain? because, let’s be honest, we would need a considerable amount of mental/emotional/astral (unseen) power to get our muscles to really bulk overtime, probably in the same intensity as the corresponding physical pain. It is still energy, only in a different form. Perhaps a balanced combination of the three (Form + Increasing Weights + Energetic Focus) is the key for optimal results.

In any case, if our aim is hypertrophy and strength, eventually the stimulus will have to increase in order for the body to have a challenge to overcome. The key is to do it progressively while not losing the form, and the mental focus as we increase the weights. Then the results will be the best that can possibly be and you will be on your way to become a superhero/heroin. Think of it: not only give your best at form, but also at concentration with your mind, emotions and spirit. (Note: apply to everything you do in life, not just fitness😊)

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