The following might have nothing to do with Singing or Fitness. It’s not even an article. But it’s on my mind, so here it goes, totally raw.

I was listening to a couple of old men chatting in the sun outside their houses back home. One of those things that city people don’t do because of lack of the luxury of time: bonding while talking about life doing nothing for hours. One of them said: “That woman has a son who’s studying economy… but nobody needs to study economy all those years, what for? the main rule to know about economy is this: if you have 5 pesetas, spend 1, and you’ll be fine. If you earn 5 pesetas and you spend 6, then you’re in trouble. That’s all you need to know”. And it hit me. The reminiscence of the days when I too was a not-so-long-ago younger person of integrity living to the values of a loving, honest and humble family. All the love showered on me. The sun, the warmth of my granddad’s eyes as he’d say: “as long as you have an honest little job and get by… you’ll be fine”. What has the city done to me? and the traveling? and all the knowing? This is when the saying comes to life: the more you know, the less you know.


While gaining wisdom with ambition, growth and experience, the basics… the simple things in life… never change. Ah… City Life. How cruel you are. With your smooth operators. You give all the temptations and luxuries and take away the souls of naive creatures with good intentions like that of a younger version of me. Corruption. Treachery. We fall into believing that the monsters of freedom of thinking, rights claiming, fighting for the cause… are good for us. And we ignore our responsibilities. We want it all… with no commitment from ourselves to our honour, disguising truth with the right to do so because we’ve suffered enough. Is this really growth?

basics quote

And, like this, we post lots of bum pics on Instagram but we have minus figures in our bank accounts. We have thousands of followers on Facebook but all we eat is soulless pre-packed food from the supermarket or fast food from the take away because we don’t have time to cook, but we do have plenty of time to take the right selfie and we won’t stop until we get it right. Equally astonishing is ‘hooking up’ with that crush from Snapchat and exchanging lascivious messages (and pictures), but if we were to find each others in the street we’d be unable to even say ‘hi’. We traded Love for Loneliness, the colourful clothes for uniforms, time and space for a false individuality, real freedom for a cage of illusions.

In a place where nobody gives nothing in exchange for nothing, where everything has a high (material) price: space, noise, air, and let’s not forget the futile words that precede the foods sold at counters: “relinquishly delicious mouth-watering dripping pesto sauce” (when in fact it’s an insipid, tasteless product), even the spiritual world, meditation and silence have high prices (the new religions)! yoga retreats, mindfulness vacations… all lies and money.

In the city, the only thing that’s real and authentic is the struggle. But we are strange creatures of darkness, thriving in battles. We are where we want to be. As Alanis used to say; “isn’t it ironic?”

I probably need a holiday😅.

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