Vascularity, Blood & Energy

The desired “veiny” look. Is it a good thing? what energetic implications does it have?

Vascularity is the condition of being vascular, which basically is when your veins bulge as a result of continuous strength training to the point that show under your skin. For this to happen you need to have a low body fat percentage, otherwise the veins won’t show, so in that sense we can say that someone vascular is healthy because has low body fat (please do not confuse with having varicose veins, which is not a very good thing). However this also means that your diastolic blood pressure (venous return) is high, so in that sense is not so healthy.

Me here, being a notch vascular😜

This increase of venous return occurs mainly with strength training or HIIT training, because your heart has to pump more blood to the muscle cells in less amount of time than in a cardio session. So you will commonly see vascularity amongst weight lifters and body builders, and not in cyclists or marathon runners. Vascularity is also a sign of an increased metabolism, because more blood accumulated in the veins means more supply of nutrients, oxygen and insulin supplied to the muscles. But. The point of my article here is to determine the energetic implications of pumping your blood to such high levels in your system.


Let’s talk about this red liquid. Our blood carries our energetic imprint, that’s why it’s such a powerful thing. Seeing blood creates fear because it means our vital life energy is being wasted and somehow indicates that death might be near. Blood also denotes passion, when we say things such as “it’s in my blood”, it means it’s deeply imprinted in you, it’s something or someone you love with everything you’ve got. Blood is basically associated with the most precious things in life, because it’s present at birth, conception (hymen rupture, menstruation) and death. We also swear by it, it’s binding. We can literally be cloned with just a tiny drop of blood. It means it carries not only all the information about you, but also your ancestors (DNA). Therefore you will agree that blood is a VERY POWERFUL thing. So powerful that it can also be used in rituals (and no, there’s no need to kill or hurt anyone in the process or go dark, although you can if you want, but know that you’ll be an idiot because that’s not the path, and you’ll be deemed of a very low, low, low spiritual rank not worthy of anyone’s time if you go down that way). I will leave that there, because as you can see this is a subject that doesn’t intrigue me at all😏.

The blood hunter

From the beginning of times, we have blood as a symbol of birth, death and rebirth: blood used as an offering to the gods, or the power of women during menstruation, virgin blood, vampire stories, etc. Parallel to its good intentions we have seen the coming and going of sects, occult rituals, cults and religious ceremonies indoctrinating fear in people with manipulated truths (the importance of the blood of Jesus and the Holy Grail). Not only blood carries such a powerful frequency, also any other bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat, tears or sexual secretions. Blood naturally functions inside the body therefore it’s believed to be more pure, that’s why is more “important” to such purposes than the other substances.

Blood Energy.

Blood is also of the RED colour, which means it corresponds to our first Chakra, or the energy centre of the instincts. If our blood is in a good condition it will help maintain this level of our energy healthy. And viceversa, if our energetic part is not good, it will reflect physically in the blood, so for example when we have an imbalance there, such as not living your life’s purpose, it will manifest in your body with varicose veins, sciatica, immune-related disorders, etc.


Blood has got electromagnetic properties, depending on whether it’s carrying oxygen or not (this is because the iron and the hemoglobin) and it’s also used in alchemy for a few reasons.

It’s quite sad that we have to turn to magic and esoteric manuals in order to get precious knowledge about blood (and other things that really matter). But from my own gathering of information throughout the years, I will just say this: Honour your blood, for it is the life force that carries your soul and soul group’s information. Nourish your physical body with nurturing foods that will provide your life force with the optimum nutrients, so that your blood radiates the best possible frequency to your energetic body and keeps you healthy, wise and young. Yes, be safely vascular, get strong, get your body lean and low in fat. Vibrate to your best self. This is your manifestation on Earth. When you leave, your soul will be shining.

I wouldn’t take it this far though, but if that’s your purpose, go for it!💪:)

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