Can everyone sing (in tune)?

It’s the question that I have been asked over and over again throughout the years. My answer (instinctively, at first, and experimentally proven later) has always been: YES, YOU CAN.


Think of it this way: can someone with no knowledge/skill on how to make ceramic pots, make ceramic pots? yes they can, as long as they have hands and fingers (or feet). It is the creative/intuitive aspect that needs to be trained. In the case of Singing, and every other creative avenue, it’s a matter of healing some energetic blockage that’s preventing the natural flow of creativity. You got the physical tool, now aside from getting the material skill, it’s just the unseen aspect that needs to be addressed.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word is Sound.

“He who knows the secret of Sound, knows the mystery of the whole Universe” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

I’ve always been able to tell a person’s issues and character by listening to their voice. Voice reveals our true self, no one can escape. Same goes for breathing. The way you breathe says a lot about yourself.

In my years as a Singing and Music teacher I came across some students who weren’t natural singers (that’s how I call people who haven’t developed the intuitive ability of ‘tuning’ or ‘expressing’ themselves through melody with the voice) but who desperately wanted to sing. There were also the ones who didn’t have a natural rhythm or ‘feel’ of the music (those were easier to correct, as rhythm is the most primal – instinctive – element of music, followed my melody and harmony, which require more ‘mind’ at work). I used to take them note by note through a melody, gradually and slowly, with their eyes closed, first imitating me, while I would sing every sound close to their ear and I would ask them to sing it until it matched my pitch. I would also ask them to imitate my glissandos and sing together with me, as well as animal noises, and other sounds which weren’t necessarily musical. This proved to be successful momentarily, but they would resort to being untuned again after left on their own for a few seconds. It was a bit frustrating for both of us. I just knew they could sing. Eventually, though, they managed to sing a song in tune, but only that one song we had been working on, although there were improvements in other songs, they weren’t able to really sing them properly. It’s as if their body acquired muscular memory just for that particular song.

That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves. That which you do not have within you will kill you if you do not have it within you.– Gospel of Thomas

The funny thing all these non-singers (or tone-deaf people) had in common is that either they had some sort of emotional issue, or they weren’t present enough, even though they tried. Of course, I was perceiving this intuitively, they hadn’t told me any of their problems. So I would go as far as saying that being tone-deaf is not a condition, it’s a little dis-ease. Which can be healed. Only if you want though😊 (I’ll come back to this later).

A few basic reminders:

  • We all have the apparatus of the Voice (larynx and vocal cords, diaphragm, lungs, skull cavities, tongue, etc.), which translates into muscle/bone/cartilage/tendons/vessels, which translates into cells and tissue.
  • Sound (frequency) can heal tissue and cells (also frequency that vibrates at a lower rate than sound).
  • Emotions (frequencies) are stored in cells and tissue.
  • By releasing the blockages (emotions) stored in the body, we allow the flow of energy to run naturally.

The usual comments I get from people who think they can’t sing are: “oh, I was never able to sing, only in the shower”, “I can’t hold a tune at all”, “I can’t sing in tune”, “If I open my mouth everyone will run away”, etc. These beliefs come from somewhere in the back of your mind, usually from thoughts of not being good enough, of being told off when younger, not being allowed to express yourself, not wanting to be present, or feeling of not belonging. There might also be a genetic element (read here and here). Once we find the reason of your belief, and work on it to release it, boom, you’re able to sing in tune🎉 The most common thing I found was that they didn’t want to sing, really, it was their parents wish, or them wanting to be famous (programs like The X-Factor have caused havoc😒).

I came across this wonderful woman, Githa Ben-David, about a year ago, she has been doing an amazing job in putting together all these concepts that I had already experienced, and connected all the dots together holistically, beautifully laid in a book called “The note from heaven”. I urge you to get that book right now, even if you’re not a singer. Ms. Githa came up with a therapy called Regressive Cell-Singing that not only allows you to sing in tune, but also heals you by releasing trauma stored in cells. I won’t go about how it works, I’d rather you get the book and find out for yourself😊. This method is the most effective one I’ve come across, it’s almost as if she has written in words what I’ve been thinking/experiencing, and more. Thank you!🤗

“We’d be better off singing than talking, for when we sing no one is betrayed”

– Githa Ben David

There are many moments of truth before your voice sings.

Aside from the releasing of the blockages in order to be able to sing in tune, one also needs to have the desire of doing so, like with everything. I know I could be a car mechanic if I wanted, it’s just a matter of learning the skill and knowledge, but I don’t want to. If I wanted, I know I could, though. In Singing, you need to have the will and passion, the vocation. It’s your life, not a hobby or a profession. As I have said before, as a singer you have the whole weight of your soul upon your shoulders. From the moment you open your mouth, everything is let out in the open, it’s a huge responsibility that takes a lot of energy and not everyone is prepared for. Singing means being open to accept your weaknesses while simultaneously portraying strength from the inside to the outside. Even negative feelings become beautiful, they are healed. You have to be ready.

There’s no point in pretending or hiding because it’ll also show, so you better be truthful😊.

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