Angles, Perspectives, Joints & Exercise

This could well be the title of a book, due to its vast content. But these concepts have come to me together, so it would be sacrilege to use my egotistical mind to separate them into different articles🙂. I am going to touch upon the abstract, yet real, subject of Perspectives, and also zoom it in and apply it to the role that Joints play in Exercise. Let’s dig in and allow the inspiration to flow🌠

Points of View and Reality.

Nothing in this life is objective, specially since the discovery of Quantum Physics (even realities that may seem trivial, such as the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West, are relative, because what is East and West? nothing but a perspective). Simple example: a glass half-filled with water could be half full to you or half empty to me. Some will only see a glass, others just water, and others wouldn’t even notice that the whole thing it’s there. It all depends first of all on your position in space and time, but also (and mainly) on the way your brain processes this reality, which can be conditioned by a multitude of factors, such as: upbringing, education, preferences, barriers, traumas, environment, prejudices, memories, etc. So just because one doesn’t perceive something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there or doesn’t exist. And I’ll tell you why right now.

One of the diagrams I scribble on a paper napkin when I go out for a drink to explain reality to people (yes, I am that kind of person😌) is this one:


As you can see, we only perceive with our five senses what we call “Visible Light” (with all the colours of the rainbow), which is only 0.0035% of the whole electromagnetic spectrum (“Atoms”, including infrared and ultraviolet light). Now, observe that the electromagnetic spectrum is only 4.9% of all the existing matter/energy of the Universe. How does that make you feel? humble at least, I hope!😊 The rest of what exists is termed “dark” by the scientific world because it is unknown (really?). And that to me corresponds with the spirit, higher vibrational world that we’ve been indoctrinated to believe is nonsense, for if we knew about its power the whole system would collapse, everyone would be powerful with no need of having monarchies, religions, educational systems, politics, banks, military, etc. and useless infrastructures like that.

Fun fact: the 95% of “dark energy & matter” mysteriously links with the 90% of the part of the brain that scientists say “we don’t use” (😂LOL! – yeah right, such is the perfection of creation that most of it goes to the bin) and with the 98.8% of DNA termed “garbage DNA” because scientists haven’t yet discovered its purpose 🤣🤣🤣LOLLL!!! how absurd! that shows how little we know (sorry – how little we want to know) about reality, which of course is mostly originated in the unseen realms.

This is mainstream science and it has been like that forever, only in the last few decades the system-controlled NASA and friends are allowing humanity to accept these as truths (don’t get upset, it’s meant to be this way in order to have balance). So have a thought: if the material world we know is only a tiny fraction of the whole universe, imagine how blind we are when we argue about insignificant issues like “this country is mine” “no, it’s mine!”, killing millions of people in the process, for nothing. How stupid we are. Can you not see the choice you have?: being silly or accepting the broadness of all possibility. It’s the human condition… not much to be done here. It makes life “fun”, I guess🤷‍♀️.

“What we have called matter is energy (light), whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ~Albert Einstein

There’s a very illustrative video of how the point of view of the observer affects the outcome of something. It’s the classic experiment of the double slit that I studied in high school and later on at university. Watch it now, it’s only 5 min: Double Slit Experiment And also how we live confined to what our senses allow us to perceive, with the magnificent Allegory to the Cave, by Plato: Allegory of the Cave

All this to bring to your attention, my dear reader, how useless it is to get stuck in patterns that, in the bigger picture, will never lead anywhere and will not help us come out of our smallness. I am referring to stubbornly defending one’s point of view to death and discarding other possibilities. Do you see the absurdity of being an advocate of extremes? For the human being’s purpose is to grow towards enlightenment, and as such, we must follow our inner guidance and make our own judgements and decisions from a place of knowing with our soul, as opposed to getting entangled in worldly minutia. And that comes from accepting the balance between polarities and opposites. Unless, of course, you are a being of discordance and your purpose is to create havoc in the world (or your vibration is so low that you are ignorant and unaware, in which case you are forgiven). Be what you may, but be aware of the truth.

Angles and Awareness.

There is something about the angle of the joints with with you perform an exercise that holds the key to the energetic enlightenment of your body, this is a bit deep but I will tell you about it, that’s why I am here😊 When we perform an exercise, we must do so with awareness of the body parts being engaged, to such extent that we should become the body part itself, letting its qualities become alive in you. This way you will direct your attention (and with it, your breathing, blood flow and bodily functions) to those parts, enhancing their performance and obtaining better results. I always insist on my clients to engage their body all the way down to their toes and fingertips when they are performing exercises such as bird-dogs (static) or jumping jacks (high impact), and not leave anything abandoned to gravity. Be aware, engage!

Quads stretch 3
When doing a Quad Stretch, engage your body from your toes all the way to your fingertips, be aware of your body.

Coming back to the joint angles. The joints are the places where two bones come together, and around a synovial joint, which is a specific type of joint, we have synovial fluid, which has the consistency of egg whites and which main function is to reduce friction among two cartilages covering bone heads, and to supply nutrients and oxygen to them. This place is a place of space, where the body connects with the outer planes of reality, when we focus on it. The movement of this fluid while performing exercises on different planes of motion activates the flow and communication of energy from your body to the astral plane, that’s why is so important to move in all directions when thinking about a fitness plan, not just focus on building up muscle or cardiovascular health. Movement in all planes of motion also increases the range of motion of the joint and the elasticity of the surrounding ligaments.

Synovial Joint


There are so many places where you can find information about the different planes and ranges of motion, I’ll reduce it to the basics here: it fundamentally means moving your body in all the three possible dimensions in space: X,Y,Z. Within these planes there are several types of movements that your joints can perform. So, for example, you can perform a dynamic hamstring stretch in several planes of motion (extending the leg to the front, in diagonal at 30º, 45º, to the side at 90º, at the time that you extend the opposite arm forwards, or in diagonal or straight down to the foot, as an example). I’ll show you how if you come to my classes😎 If, on top of the range of motion, you add an external stimulus such as a vibrational platform (aka PowerPlate), you’ll be getting many more benefits for the movement of the synovial liquid within the joints, blood circulation, muscle fibre engagement and also stimulation of bone cell growth. Such is the world of vibration and energy☄

In short.

The purpose of this little article (or, rather, mental rambling) was to shed some light on how important it is to view things from different perspectives/angles, in a physical and non-physical way. I hope I have achieved so.

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