Food & Emotions

By now we all know that food, like everything else, is energy. By now we also know that all diseases start at an energetic level. So food affects your body composition, therefore its energy health. An unhealthy diet not only makes you physically ill but also energetically ill.

Food aura
Foods have an energy body, like every living thing.

That’s why it’s so important to eat live food (natural, raw, or as close to nature as possible). Processed foods are energetically dead and, at most, carry the energy of the people working in the plants that produce them, and very little energy from its source of origin. Food has an energy body too, they absorb the vibration of the sun, soil, rain, and whatever other plant or animal they are close to. They have a high nutritional value and they strengthen our energy reserves by absorbing their life force energy. I am very sensitive to energy, and I can tell the difference straight away when I am eating ‘natural’ food back home to when I eat in the city.

Tomatoes from the shop in London and Tomatoes grown in my home in Spain.

I also deem important to acknowledge and ‘bless’ the food before eating it. A blessing could be just looking in awareness at the food and thank it for coming to nurture you. Being grateful in general brings positivity in your life, anyway. Even if you eat processed food, try to look at it with “good eyes” before you eat it, so it enters your system with more light 🙂 after all, we can transform everything with our mind, right? I recently asked one of my mentors if eating a doughnut thinking it was broccoli would trick the body into believing it was broccoli… his answer was: “only if the doughnut has sprinkles on it” 🙂

Also, when you habituate to ‘eat with awareness’ and ‘bless your food’, you become more sensitive to the energy of foods before choosing them. You will be able to tell “my body doesn’t need this now” much easier without feeling any anxiety or craving. Also certain ‘energetically low’ foods will begin to disagree with your system and you will reject them systematically. Your body will communicate with you through physical reactions what it is that doesn’t want anymore. Listen to it.


The body is a wise communicator, and unfortunately we don’t listen to it properly. Body, spirit, emotions and thoughts operate as one. Our western medicine system leads us to believe that if we are ill the problem is physical, and this couldn’t be any further from truth. Our energetic body influences everything we physically are, even to the point of not being able to lose weight due to an energetic imbalance, no matter how many diets you try.

Emotional Eating.

Difficult emotions and feelings are often the cause for uncontrolled eating. Sometimes you can’t help it, specially you are a strong empath and intuitively absorb other people’s stresses and make them yours. I suggest the following procedure when you feel anxious and go in search for food:

  1. Go to a place where you don’t think about food (in my case is my bedroom).
  2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a little while until you relax.
  3. Ask yourself what/how are you feeling and whether what you feel is yours or someone else’s, try to view it from the outside.
  4. Place your hands on your heart and send compassion to yourself. Commit to take care of yourself in a way that will truly satisfy your entire being.
  5. Now take the food you crave in your hands and look at its energy. Try to intuitively guess whether it’s vibrant and full of life or it’s inert. Will it make you healthier? will it make you stronger? will it make your emotions go away?
  6. If the food gives you good vibes, absorb its energy without eating it, and thank it. If it gives you bad vibes, you’ll be able to put it away with no problem.

Links of interest:

“Spiritual Nutrition” by Gabriel Cousens

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