Healing through Singing & Movement

This is such a broad concept to elaborate, why do I get myself in trouble this way? 🙂

Life’s purpose is to be happy (for most people, anyway). Singing and Moving (either through exercise, dance, gardening, farming, sports, etc) are two activities that make us happier. They are two expressions of being human that make us more comfortable with our body/soul. It’s a way of making the most of this one life on a daily basis. We help ourselves and even those around us.

The process of becoming, is a recipe of life experiences + intention + discipline + placing oneself in the best learning environment whenever possible. The more I learn, the clearer the picture appears to be. It is the interconnectedness of all things that has the answers. The most profound and sustainable changes Singing and Fitness have had in my life (and the impact I have seen in others), are incomparable and precious, and I wish I could convince the whole world to apply some of this to their own lives, oh wouldn’t we live in paradise?



Bottled up emotions/situations eventually explode and lead us to take action, unavoidably. This is the trigger that detonates the beginning of your (happy) life, which ironically, is a roller-coaster of a path, full of darkness and pain. I am not going to reveal what did it for me, but it happened all of a sudden, like a brick on my face shouting “wake uuup!!!” the universe plotted and configured every single thing around me telling me to get out from where I was: my love life, my friends, my colleagues, my bosses, my place of living, my career… literally everything was turned upside down for me to do something and finally go in the direction I was meant to go. Funny thing is I knew what I had to do, but I thought I was already doing what I needed to do, but the little fairies that were popping up from time to time from every corner, that I was ignoring, were the key to that “stagnation”. The good thing is: it’s never too late to change 🙂 Once you realise that staying in the same place isn’t going to change anything, you take the leap. Because there is no option. One thing to also have in mind is – and sorry if I destroy your image of a happy ending – that this process never ends. Transformation and change are ongoing, forever. Which matches the laws of the universe (it couldn’t be any other way).

Change happens on the inside first. It’s a wake-up call so strong you can’t ignore. Then one finds the tools to help the transformation (you won’t miss them, the universe has a funny way of putting them on the way for you 🙂 ) on the inside and the outside. There are various tools, some will resonate better with you than others. I won’t say which ones they are, they will work on you when you yourself find them and resonate with them having that ‘aha!” moment :p

If it wasn’t for Singing…

Propuesta Indecente_01-2

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the gift of Singing, and for having the opportunity of having an education in Singing… because it was not about Singing itself, it was about Life, about how to be in harmony with others, about listening, about receiving, about waiting, about letting go, about accepting, about expressing yourself from the inner core with no tensions, about being fearless about your identity. Singing does this to you: it transforms you and heals you with your own sound, the sound of your soul, on a material level too. Let’s look at some facts:

  • Singing activates the immune system, and decreases the concentration of cortisol in the blood stream.
  • Singing makes you feel ‘high’ (read my hormones article here).
  • The vibration of sound in the body gives you a ‘massage’, which helps you to stay present and releases tension/stress.
  • Acknowledging self-expression through the voice, awakens parts of you that you may have neglected your whole life.
  • When singing, we are bringing more oxygen to the brain (through deep breathing, that we unavoidably need).
  • We become vulnerable when we project our sound, so we become better persons because we become ourselves 🙂
  • Singing makes us understand who we are from the core, so we become beings of truth, thus making a better world.
  • Frequencies vibrate in sync with other (material) frequencies in our body, healing them.

More and more we see the raise of various sound therapies to heal the body, these are techniques that have been used from the beginning of times and yet “not recognised” by the money-making system as legit. Some good reads include this one: “The Healing Power of the Human Voice”, and this one: “The Note From Heaven”.


“The soul resides in the joints”Awakening the Third Eye, by Samuel Sagan

The body is designed to MOVE, not to stay still. Movement is the best medicine to the entire being and, provided we are not injured (although that doesn’t really matter much), we have the power to move and therefore heal ourselves. Isn’t it wonderful? Slow, deliberate motion exercises for inflexible joints and stiff muscles deliver a form of lubrication (synovial liquid) and can prevent pain before it starts, ease existing symptoms and even reverse some chronic conditions. That’s why I never trust doctors when they give you painkillers for osteoarthritis or joint pain. That’s aggravating the problem even further.

To me, a key part of our body is our hips/pelvic floor (corresponding with the 1st and 2nd Chakras), where everything is born. Moving this part (hip joints, hip flexors… sexual activity) is paramount in order to have a healthy body. You can see some stretches for this area here.

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.”Carol Welch

The Feldenkrais method, for example, is an excellent tool for heightening your awareness of movement, breathing and posture. This method can permanently improve posture, balance and coordination and it works well for all ages, so you don’t need to be an athlete in order to perform the exercises. The same applies for the Tellington TTouch method, which uses gentle fingertip taps in a 3/4 circular motion to release tensions, has a profound and potent effect on the nervous system and has a powerful influence on responses and mood. Even well established patterns of behaviour often alter within a very short space of time.


Screenshot_20181203-120450_Video Player

And then, my favourites: body conditioning and strength training exercise will dramatically improve all of those things: posture, coordination, agility, strength and cardiovascular fitness (aside from making you lose fat and speed your metabolism). My favourite total body exercises are the following:

If you are ready to start your personal journey towards healing through movement, here are six simple, yet crucial steps, and you will see results almost immediately:

  • Recognize your body craves movement (if you don’t, then wait for the big brick on the face! but the pain will be stronger).

  • Discover what kind of movement fits in to your lifestyle: that could be pilates, or cycling, or bodybuilding, or whatever.

  • Schedule days and times on to your calendar to be active, according to your possibilities and needs.

  • Make it fun and enjoyable so that it doesn’t feel like ‘you have to do it’.

  • Track your progress in a journal.

If you don’t have the motivation to do the above, hire a coach (hello!), and get ready for only good things coming into your life 🙂


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