Practice Tips to Live By

A short article, but hopefully useful 🙂



  • Watch your breath, like it’s precious. Return to it every time you feel off track.
  • Learn to define yourself by what you don’t do, rather by than what you do. This will make you humble to the real wonders of life. And it will keep you constantly growing.
  • Forgive, no matter what.
  • Balance is achieved by practising the things one finds the hardest. Try to practise something challenging and see how far you can go. The worst that can happen is you can only get better 🙂
  • Listen to your disturbances/aches/diseases as if they are talking to you. You have something to learn from them.
  • Every time you feel like an urge to move off track, take that as a suggestion as to what you need to overcome to make it to the next step. If you feel restless/anxious/obsessed, remember it’s the restlessness/anxiety/obsession that you are here to overcome, not avoid.
  • If you doubt yourself and your capabilities, specially if you have tried repeatedly and haven’t reached the mark, take a step back and nourish yourself first. Are you resting enough, eating correctly, spending time with the right people, doing inspiring things, etc? Bring yourself closer to others who give you love and peace of mind, to those who have reached their goal, and to people who you find inspiring.
  • Do not want results immediately. The purpose of practice is to gain real abilities, not just tick off a list of exercises. Make progress slowly and do not rush, and enjoy the process in the meantime.
  • Have a job which which matches your physical/spiritual/emotional needs. Your self-cultivation should be the centre of your life on which all other things revolve and it is only with this approach progress can be guaranteed.
  • Respect and appreciate others’ efforts and stages of life but do not compare to them. Everyone’s got their own path.
  • Work on yourself, project the light onto yourself, because by doing so, you will help your surroundings and those around you.
  • Learn to appreciate life in its simplest forms, and that includes: food, attitudes, personalities, actions, exercises. They are usually the best and most effective ones. Basic is the answer, most of the time.

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