Are you cheating yourself?

A client asked for nutritional advice to complement their training. So I suggested a few basic guidelines. However, said client have already made up their mind with regards to what is good for them or not. So where does my advice go?😣

They want to lose fat and become leaner, so they think that eating fruit and small portions of the rest of food groups will work, however they aren’t toning up and yet they keep complaining. It may be hard to change habits but you need to do those tweaks little by little to get your body accustomed.

Want to lose fat? Eat fat.

An important thing to consider if you want to lose fat is: you will not lose fat if you stop eating fat (that is, healthy fats, in moderation). However, you will lose fat if you reduce your carbohydrates intake. Carbs are easier to burn than Fats (they require less energy to be broken down), so the first thing the body uses for fuel is carbs. If there are no carbs, then the body will take fats, and ultimately protein too. This doesn’t mean you have to stop eating carbs altogether. YOUR BODY NEEDS CARBS! AND FATS! now, also in the right proportions.

Average Carbs intake per day

Now, some of these average values are open to discussion, because it varies from person to person depending on a multitude of factors. Also, have in mind the type of carbs. It’s gotta be GOOD CARBS (not chocolate), for a variety of reasons. Now, following the table above, if you want to look trimmer fast, try this tip of mine and see how it goes for you: cut down your average carbs intake in 500kcal/day (around 125g per day) and replace them for an equal amount of fats/protein (250 kcal fat = 27 g fat; 250 kcal protein = 62.5g protein) and see what happens. For example:


From my experience, GOOD CARBS meaning:

  • All the GREEN vegs 75-80% of your total carbs
  • Coloured vegs
  • Starches: rice, corn, rye, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans, pulses, lentils

and GOOD FATS meaning:

  • nuts, seeds
  • olives, olive oil
  • coconut, coconut oil
  • oily fish
  • avocado
  • cocoa
  • egg yolk

… things like that.

How not to succumb to cravings. It’s all in your mind.

Okay. So you get the craving. The chocolate, pasta, pizza, cheeseburger craving. Stop and think for a second: does your body really, really, really die for a piece of it or is it more just a feeling of wanting to have something going down your throat, a momentous satisfaction feeling, that you could go without? Ok. Go for it. Have a bite. How do you feel when you have that first bite? could you do without it? are you anxious and just want to have another bite ‘just in case’? Listen to your body. Go a bit ‘above’ the physical craving, think/feel with your consciousness and recreate the overall lightness feeling that you get when you eat what you have to eat. Isn’t that much nicer than feeling guilty or having the clumsy sensation of a full stomach? Remember your feeling of  ‘satisfaction’ will only last for as long as it takes you to eat that food, isn’t that such a waste? Learn to perceive food as a nurturing thing that your body needs.

Snack Tips

Food Density

Use your mind.

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