The Gift of Isolation

Good things never came easy.

In your practice, most of the time there is struggle. In fact, striving for perfection will never give you a sense of completion. The only way out is getting used to it, unfortunately. It will not get better unless you accept perfection does not exist as such and, still, after advancing through practice, you will not be 100% satisfied.

I find this specially frustrating in the creation of songs. I used to sing with a very talented colleague guitarist who never released his collection of masterpieces because he was never happy with the final result. It didn’t matter how many times the instruments were tweaked and the melodies rearranged. It was never enough. Like this, his art never saw the light. A massive loss for the world. I also struggled when I released my first album. It took me years to finalize it, and eventually, I wasn’t happy either with the final production. I took it easier on the following albums, and accepted that the more I wanted it to be perfect, the less it would be. It’s like cheating, I know. But by this premise, nothing would ever be created. And something which seems the best you can ever give at some point, it might not look the same one month after. We have to learn to forgive ourselves and to dance with the ups and downs.


However, in spite of this unfair measure, do not even think of stopping your craft or getting discouraged. In your creation of music and life in general, nothing is ever ‘settled’, everything is in constant motion. The imperfections/characteristics/quirks of your art are the ones that define YOU and your uniqueness. Accepting this is key to your longed-for happiness. You MUST give it your all at all times, even when this will mean losing people along the way and going through rough times. Stick to your visions, your ideals, your inner knowing. And be prepared for the biggest gift of all: SOLITUDE.

“You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire.” ― Charles Bukowski, Factotum

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