Following your Intuition

The following is some brainstorming that has just popped into my thinking. I might mix concepts here, so excuse my confusion and hopefully it will trigger something in you 🙂

  • Do you follow your intuition when you are doing a workout or when doing your vocal exercises, or is it your mind/logical thinking/conditioned learning (it’s been ‘researched’ and you think experts know best)?
  • Do you write the exercises down first so that you don’t have to think while focusing on the practice?
  • Do you follow someone else’s program or sequence based on technical considerations?
  • Do you improvise randomly?
  • Or does the second exercise come to mind while executing the first one?
  • Why do we choose to work with one section of similar characteristics first (e.g. the same body part, like hamstrings and quadriceps, or similar melodic intervals, like minor ascending thirds and mayor ascending thirds) or working with totally opposing variables (e.g. calf presses and shoulder rotations, or ascending legato semitones with vowel “a” and stacatto syllables in major arpeggios with “dee“)?

WHO DECIDES? and WHY? Is it your mind or your higher self/inner knowing/intuition?


The thing is, when building our path in life, we all know what to do. Now it’s a case of allowing that inner knowing to take the lead or to let the external influences, such as our mind and conditioned thoughts, fears and prejudices, cultural and social beliefs, unquestioned learning, to take over and sabotage us.

Our body is wise. Very wise. Flawless. Perfection. If you get fever of any kind it’s because there are toxins, viruses, foreign stuff, invading you, and your body goes into an internal battle to get rid of them. You don’t control that. You don’t think it. The body just goes into action without your permission, TO SAVE YOU. We must do the same with our thinking (or overthinking). Stop your mind from interfering with your true nature, what your soul needs. Because you, like your body, are also wise. Very wise. Flawless. Perfection. There is a reason why your intuition is there, and that is to guide you for your highest good, TO SAVE YOU (did I say that before?). Learn to listen to it. The first impression (you might miss it, it’s almost imperceptible and it’s the very first knowing that comes to mind) you get when entering a new place, when meeting someone; the sensation you get when you are pondering two possibilities and one “feels” more right than the other one; those are signs not to be ignored. But sometimes we are inexperienced and clueless, so we just follow “what’s the norm”, discarding truths because “of what they’ll say”, “it’s impossible”, “it’s nonsense”, “it’s gonna hurt”, “I’ve been there and it didn’t work”, “I’m scared”, “I can’t admit it”, etc, etc, endless phantom reasons that do not exist. It’s okay. Everyone has their own time. But that’s why there are articles like this one, to shed some light on you (or mess you up even further) 🙂

Semi-practical considerations.


If I am doing this vocalization first thing in the morning and I am warming up my voice from scratch:


I know that the next vocalization is going to be a continuation of the first one, i.e., it will have small variations without adding bigger interval leaps, to carve my way in for the vocal folds to stretch gradually. So a natural possible second vocalization could be this one:


Or this one:


Or this one:


Now, is this an intuitive or a logical decision? It could be both, or only one of them. Why do I know? The initial answer would be because it has a natural flow. Also because we have learned over the years that progression is normally achieved when adding small changes to basic stuff, repeating those and then increasing those modifications. Physically, the muscles respond to the same prerogative: they adapt gradually in small steps. From this it’s deducted that there must be some sort of universal premise or order of things that allows life to grow harmonically when things are done little by little and not all of a sudden, without disruption. My guess is that we have constructed our mind (logic thinking, social rules, morals, laws, etc) based on our intuition (what feels right).

“We are those constructors of ideas (outer expressions) whose building blocks are inner knowings.” – Graciela R.P.


Stay with me and follow my Q&A reasoning on the following:

What determines that working one muscle through high reps/low intensity will have a different type of exhaustion than if worked at low reps / high intensity? The body response. How is that response determined? Natural body function (aerobic/anaerobic expenditure). Where is the natural body function coming from? Physical laws/it just is. Where do physical laws come from? They are a construct of the universal mind. What is the universal mind? It’s the first manifestation of separation of the One/Infinite/All. How does the One become manifest? INTUITION. It couldn’t have become manifest through WILL because then it would mean that the infinite has an agenda. Nor could it have come to existence as a result of BOREDOM or INDIFFERENCE, as these are qualities that apply to emotional beings. The first motion ever, to manifest, must have originated from the highest of highs as a self-love expression, for its own highest good, growth and expansion, to permeate everything that was going to become (and with this I am implying that I agree that the first manifestation of the One is MOVEMENT, as stated on The Cosmic Doctrine, by Dion Fortune).

“The Infinite becomes manifested movement through intuition.” – Graciela R. P.


With this I want to let you know that you can construct a mind of your own from your own intuition. And since everybody’s intuition comes from the same place (Infinite), whatever you create (all possibility) is valid, powerful and limitless. So trust your higher self when you are doing your workouts and your rehearsals. Ultimately, Intuition is boss. Follow through, and you won’t be in better hands :).

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