How to move & sing on stage without having a shaky voice

It’s the singer’s plight. How to hold on to the notes and phrase the lines smoothly with perfect support / breath control while doing a bouncy choreography. But that’s why you got SingersFit! 🙂 There are no shortcuts here. The key is a strong core/abdominal wall and lots of practice of breathing / support exercises. Such as the following:

High Impact Cardio Exercises with Air Pressure & Voice 1

But in order to preserve and endure, the basics must be practised until they become an automatic thing in yourself. I cannot stress this enough. Stick to the basics before even thinking of going into the next exercise. What are the basics? as always: BREATHING. A correct breathing technique is the absolute master of the whole business. Breathe in through your nose in the lower part of your abdomen, breathe out through the mouth on equal parts (inhale-exhale). Check this basic Breathing Exercises.

Once you have control over your breathing, then you start adding movement. SLOWLY. Slower than that. Good. Progressively. Focusing on the muscles you’re using, relaxing the rest of them.

On my basic SingersFit workouts we start bringing awareness to the diaphragm and the core with exercises that combine breathing and movement. Then we gradually add vocals and increase the cardiovascular output until you’re sweating and holding your voice for a decent amount of time, which will get better and last longer overtime. With this, your lung capacity and strength will increase, as well as the power in your voice and your stamina! you don’t need to be a singer to join me, but you can surely increase your chances of becoming one 🙂

In the advanced programs I focus more on singing technique and high intensity moves. And, if you want it very badly, and only if I consider that you are ready, I offer personalized singing technique classes focused on intonation, pitch, impostazione, phrasing, repertoire, and all the beauty of music coming out of your body.

Come and do SingersFit with me! (new beginners workshop happening at TBA soon!)


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