Bone Broth Benefits (BBB)

As a girl my mum used to give me bone broth soup all the time. I used to like it, specially when the bone came with marrow in it! 🙂 “Mum, I want the marrowww…!” with bread, yum!

As I grew up and became independent with less and less time for slow cooking, I became accustomed to grilled/boiled/stir fried foods. And I always miss the satisfaction of having a good stew, because it fills you up properly, it quenches your hunger due to the density of its nutrients. But nowadays having time to make a good soup or hotpot can be a luxury in the craze of the busy city life. So here it’s what I do:

Bone Broth


  • Buy a young beef bone with nerves/tendons/fascia and a bit of fat/meat from a trusted local shop. And make sure you wash it thoroughly and then leave it in a bowl under running water to clean the excess blood for at least one hour.
  • Bring water to a boil in a generous pan, then add the bone, then simmer (very low heat) for about 4-5 hours.
  • Add some garlic cloves, ginger, fennel seeds and salt to taste if you want. Keep simmering for another hour.
  • Et Voilá! you can add celery, carrot, leek… afterwards, for more taste.
  • Freeze it in batches if you don’t use it all in one go.


Bone broths (from any meat) are nutrient-dense and easy to digest, and they have numerous applications in recovery from illnesses and healing. When you boil the bones/tendons/ligaments, they release beautiful substances such as calcium, magnesium, collagen, gelatin and glucosamine, essential in the repair of joints.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties (it’s alkaline!) so it’s extra-beneficial for your gut health (hello, singers!). Therefore it helps keeping the mucous membranes around the vocal apparatus in shape.

It also boosts your immune system, helping you avoid those dreadful colds and flues. So only goodness! Thank you, mum and grandma, for making me love those delicious winter soups 🙂

“Fibrous proteins such as elastin and collagen are pivotal in maintaining the proper elastic biomechanical property of the vocal folds” – Management of the voice and its disorders, Linda Rammage

More info here:

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